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Fans, media reactions on YouTube to the new LA Rams logo

What people have been saying to the new designs

The LA Rams unveiled their logo last week, much to the chagrin of anyone who wanted it to be considered a worthy use of money and time to get to this point. The logo was much derided when it was leaked as a hat, which maybe only exacerbated the issues people had once COO Kevin Demoff confirmed in the unveiling that this was actually what they were going with.

And there’s no turning back.

To see and hear when fans and media thought of the logo, I waited a bit and compiled a list of some videos. Perhaps from channels you know well as a Rams fan and maybe some ones you don’t until now.

Locals Petros and Money of AM 570 LA Sports had their reaction last week. It is “odd”:

“The reason I became a Rams fan was because our brand was so fuckin’ bad ass.”

“The logo’s not that dope...but y’all need to just shutup about it,” says Rams fan “Joe Bags”:

Former Colts punter Pat McAfee had thoughts on the logo when the hat was leaked (you can truly, truly skip ahead to 3:45 or so):

Noah of “Touchdowns to Home Runs” had this reaction to the logo, which he said was “not as bad” as he thought they’d be. “I would still not take this logo over the St. Louis Rams one but with the whites of the old logo that they just had.”:

Noah also designed some potential helmets we could see unveiled:

Here’s what a fan reaction looked like in real time.

“They’re joking...they actually went with the disgusting one.”:

Call this guy crazy:

You probably already heard Eric Dickerson’s reaction.

“The fans are the ones who buy these products.”:

Remember that whole part where the logo looks a lot like the one for the Angelo State Rams? Is that going to go anywhere?

Graphic designers break down their reactions to the logo:

You could also watch an evolution of the Rams logo right here:

ABC held a contest to see which fan could do a better logo:

Got some ideas of what you’d like to do with the logo? Here’s a 3D version with a green screen background: