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Los Angeles Rams new logo confirmed

Welp. It looks like this is it.

Since relocating back to LA, Los Angeles Rams fans have been waiting on a rebranding that promised to deliver a new logo, new uniforms and new colors.

Well, it seems like we have the first one of those as confirmed by Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson:

That’s the new logo.

Yes, it’s got a bit of Los Angeles Chargers to it. Yes, it looks a bit like a mullet.

But I kinda like the style of it when you take it off a hat:

Ultimately, it will likely depend on the overall look of the uniforms, and more the Rams play in them.

If the McVay era course corrects and the Rams are a mainstay in the playoffs over the next few years packing SoFi Stadium and connecting the new logo/colors/unis to success?

I think Rams fans will feel quite good about the rebranding.

For now...well...might wanna be comfortable being uncomfortable for a bit. Change is hard.

Speaking of change...a lil housekeeping. And a request. We’re working on something in the background.

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