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Eric Dickerson gets involved in Rams’ logo drama

Hall of Fame running back is not fan of new logo either

NFL: Eric Dickerson Press Conference
Eric Dickerson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Dickerson to the rescue?

The Rams’ Hall of Fame running back, and current employee, has volunteered to be a liaison between upset fans and the franchise over the growing logo saga.

Since the team announced its new logo Monday, fans have expressed anger over the underwhelming graphic. One fan has started a petition to send to the Rams over the displeasure over the new logo. The original goal was to get 5,000 signatures. As of this writing, it has more than 6,800 John Hancocks.

On Wednesday, Dickerson — currently the Rams’ vice president of business developments — entered the fray. Still, Dickerson, the face of the 1980s Rams, is not afraid to speak his mind. Count Dickerson as one of the masses who is not fond of the logo.

Dickerson said he will speak to the team on the behalf of Rams in an attempt to get an alternative logo approved.

He sent out several tweets Wednesday including these:

While the Rams are all about the future as they open a new stadium in Los Angeles, perhaps a hero from the past will help make everything right.