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Could Todd Gurley be on the move?

The running back is set to make $17.25 million in 2020

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I know it’s definitely not something Rams fans want to hear, but there are some inklings about running back Todd Gurley possibly being traded floating around according to Michael Silver of Sports Illustrated.

After Gurley signed his 4-year/$57.5 million deal back in 2018, the entire fan base probably believed he was truly worth it. However, his deal was incredibly front-loaded. In ‘18, his cap hit was $7.28 million. Last season, it slightly increased to $9.2 million. But during this coming year, his cap hit jumps to a staggering $17.25 million before falling down to $13.2 million in 2021.

All it takes is one look at that 2020 cap hit to realize just how understandable it would be for the Rams to want to rid themselves of Gurley and his massive contract. His play in ‘18 surely was worth the money, but his lingering knee issues were very prevalent last season and it’s hard to imagine a guy making that much money this year after posting just 857 rushing yards. Yes, his 14 touchdowns were still great, but unless McVay decides to all of a sudden take all limitations off Gurley’s snaps, then is he really worth what he’s about to make?

How do you guys feel about the potential for a Gurley trade? Good or bad idea?