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Random Ramsdom, 2/10: Former Rams receiver Kenny Britt arrested for marijuana possession

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Last summer, I spent a considerable amount of time researching all 32 teams’ YouTube channels to see who was really putting in work and who wasn’t. Several teams featured Hard Knocks’ level serious about their teams that I was fairly shocked to learn weren’t even that popular in many cases. It was obvious though that the NFL was going to be focusing time and money into producing video content at a level that could rival any league and I figure the future of content could blow our minds compared to what we’ve had up to today.

If I had to rank a team 32nd though, it might have been the LA Rams. Why? They didn’t really have one.

The page for Rams was brand new. I’m not sure if they had erased all videos prior to that or not, but basically the LA page had maybe 1,000 subscribers and no content. I see that is no longer the case, they do have content, but still only 16,900 subs. Building that identity to have a quality channel that fans will flock to every week will take time, not just for the Rams but for every team.

The effort and amount of content though has clearly changed. So I’ll start today’s links off with a video that the LA Rams posted on Saturday in a new series called “LA Together” that appears to be focusing on the team’s efforts within its own community. Which is especially important at a time when the Rams are trying to endear themselves to a city they weren’t in five years ago. And opening a stadium within that community that will change literally everything about the area forever.

Watts Rams, LAPD Officers Making an Impact in our Community | LA Together Episode 1

It is way too early to give up on Jared Goff - LA Sports Hub

Is Goff’s contract overpaying him? Absolutely. However, the Rams kind of had to do it. There were no viable replacement options and the team had to roll with what they had, meaning they had to overpay Goff.

That does not mean he is a bad quarterback and this is coming from someone who has had his fair share of criticisms of Goff. He is not an elite quarterback, but he definitely is good enough to win the Super Bowl and should not be given up on so soon.

3 reasons why LA Rams should re-sign FA ILB Bryce Hager - Ramblin’ Fan

Sometimes the key to a successful free agency market is not to sign marquis players, but rather players who are undervalued and poised to make significant contributions. So it is with LA Rams inside linebacker Bryce Hager. So why would a backup player who had never played more than 14 percent of the Rams defensive snaps warrant an article pleading for the team to re-sign him?

4 things to know about new Rams RBs coach Thomas Brown - RamsWire

He made his third big hire of the last few months last week by reportedly bringing in Thomas Brown as the team’s new running backs coach, replacing Skip Peete. Brown was the RBs coach at South Carolina in 2019 and the offensive coordinator for the Miami Hurricanes from 2016-2018, but this is his first NFL job.

Here are four things to know about the Rams’ new running backs coach.

Obo Okoronkwo explains the key to having success in the NFL - RamsWire

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo has gotten off to a relatively slow start in the NFL thus far. After being selected by the Rams in the fifth round of the 2018 draft, Okoronkwo suffered a foot injury early in offseason workouts, which sidelined him until November. Even after being activated from the PUP list, though, Okoronkwo remained inactive and didn’t see the field as a rookie.

New LA Rams RB coach Brown signals fullback likely returning to offense - Ramblin’ Fan

When the last game of the 2019 season ended for the LA Rams, questions began to form over the team’s running game. After all, the team managed to reduce the workload on featured running back Todd Gurley by eliminating rushing attempts. Despite a backup runner who needs touches to be effective in Malcolm Brown, and despite using a third round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft to select big-play back Darrell Henderson, the Rams simply didn’t rush as often. RB coach Thomas Brown may have something to say about that in 2020.

“I think Todd Gurley could be forced into pay cut” with Los Angeles Rams | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports


An interesting though exercise based on where Tom Brady goes.

NFL flexing Monday Night Football games would only hurt the fans - NBC Sports

ESPN’s Monday Night Football had a blockbuster 2019, its best season of viewership since 2015, but the NFL is still thinking about tinkering with its schedule formula.

The league is exploring the idea of flexing Monday Night Football games, according to a report Monday from the Sports Business Journal, to help with late-season viewer apathy when matchups between listless teams can sink the number of fans tuning in.


According to the Bayonne Police Dept. ... officers were conducting a routine traffic stop on Britt in Bayonne, N.J., when they “immediately detected a strong odor of raw marijuana” coming from his ride.

Cops say after they searched Britt’s 2019 black-colored Rambler truck ... they found less than 50 grams of weed and arrested the former wide receiver.