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Random Ramsdom: Left tackle, veteran quarterback among Rams offseason needs

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Orange County Register Archive Photo by Kevin Sullivan/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

In a recent article at Bleacher Report about each NFL team’s “offseason shopping list”, the Rams were tabbed with having three needs they need to take care of following the 2020 season: a left tackle of the future, a veteran quarterback to have behind Jared Goff, and another notable corner to pair opposite of Jalen Ramsey.

The left tackle need is obvious. Andrew Whitworth will be 39 by the start of next season and that’s essentially prehistoric when it comes to offensive linemen. The need for the veteran signal-caller, per B/R’s Brent Sobleski, is just in case Goff continues to regress to the point where they may decide to start another option at some point next season. He’s not there right now, but this is just to be cautious and prepared for anything.

Lastly, the Rams doesn’t have a lot of glaring holes. They could use some depth at a couple positions, but there’s nothing you can point at and say “that’s holding them back.” Sobleski believes a good place to find some support would be at cornerback, specifically over Troy Hill who has allowed 437 yards and two touchdowns in coverage this season.

However, the Rams are going to be in a very, very tough spot with their cap space in 2021. According to Sobleski, they’re projected to be $18.5 million over the cap, which say the least.

There’s plenty of time for the team to move some finances around, but it’s going to be a tough order to do almost anything this coming offseason without doing some kind black magic with the cap.

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