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How Rams can clinch a playoff berth in Week 16

Even if they don’t win

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The LA Rams have beaten all three teams who are currently in contention with them for an NFC wild card spot should they not win the division, but it is possible that being 3-0 against the Bucs, Bears and Cardinals right now may not matter if all four end up tied at 9-7. That scenario can come to an end on Sunday, even if LA doesn’t beat the Seattle Seahawks this week.

The Rams can clinch a playoff berth if they beat the Seahawks, of course. They would also be in first place in the NFC West and positioned in the three seed. But that’s not the only way that LA can secure their trip to the postseason on Sunday.

Either a Bears loss or tie against the Jacksonville Jaguars OR a Cardinals win or tie against the San Francisco 49ers would also clinch a postseason berth for the Rams.

The goal for the LA Rams is simple: beat the Seahawks, then go beat the Cardinals, then Los Angeles will have a home game in the wild card round of the playoffs and potentially one in the divisional round. But should they fall short of that goal, the Rams can still clinch a spot in the postseason and an opportunity to surprise some people with some other teams also not reaching their goals.