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Aaron Donald calls Sam Darnold a good QB: He can get himself out of trouble, he’s strong

Donald isn’t taking the Jets lightly - at least not publicly

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The phrase “Rams’ Aaron Donald slams Samuel Darnold” would not only be a tongue twister, but untrue. The New York Jets and Darnold have taken a lot of heat this season, so much so that even in our Gang Green Nation Q and A exchange, Jets blogger MacGregor Wells said that he doesn’t think the quarterback can be fixed. Donald either doesn’t agree, holding back his true feelings, or not allowing himself to overlook any opponent.

Donald told reporters that he thinks Darnold is “a good quarterback” and that he’s “really mobile, he can move, he can make things happen with his feet, he can get himself out of trouble, he’s strong.”

He may just be referring to how often Darnold is under duress. Darnold has been sacked 28 times in nine games and 21 of his 24 rushing attempts this season are scrambles. As a passer, nobody has been worse.

Darnold ranks 35th out of 35 quarterbacks in passer rating (and it’s not particularly close), 35th in net yards per pass attempt, 34th in QBR, 33rd in completion percentage, 34th in sack rate and he only has five touchdown passes. Two of his touchdowns came against the Raiders two weeks ago, a team ranked 30th in points allowed per game. Those were his only touchdown passes since September. This is Darnold’s third season in the league.

The Rams host the Jets on Sunday at 1:05 PM PT.