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Los Angeles Rams reverse Q&A with the Turf Show Times community

What do you want to see this Sunday vs the Jets?

Los Angeles Rams v Washington Football Team Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

If the Los Angeles Rams win their next two games, they will do what few expected in September, which is that they’ll capture the NFC West title for 2020. The Rams could then have a number of possibilities open up to them in Week 17 against the Arizona Cardinals, including potentially the number one seed in the conference.

But first, they must handle the 0-13 New York Jets.

The Jets may be the worst team in the NFL but that still makes them an NFL team. One that has come close to getting at least two or three wins this season, though it will still be considered an upset of historical magnitude if New York comes away with a victory at SoFi Stadium against a top-three defense.

The Jets also feature one of the worst defenses in the NFL, allowing a league-worst 11 passers (out of 13 games) to post a rating of at least 90. This could be Jared Goff’s best opportunity of the season to boost his overall numbers for 2020. If the Rams get everything to go their way, then the benefits could last into Week 16’s matchup against the Seahawks.

For REVERSE Q&A, instead of you asking the writer the questions, I pose them to YOU. Because you are a deserving expert worthy of people reading your thoughts to the questions others (including myself) might have. I’ll start with five prompts in the comments below and you tell ME what you’d like to see against the Jets this Sunday.