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What are the 4 touchdown plays the Rams have allowed through 6 home games?

Let’s watch and find out

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The LA Rams defense, for whatever reason you want to give, including chance, has been dominant at home this season. They have only allowed four touchdowns, and half of those came in the first half of the first game of 2020.

Rather than talk about these scores as just numbers on a page, let’s watch them together and discuss how they happened.

Week 1 - Dak Prescott to Ezekiel Elliott, 19 yards

We are 17 minutes into the season and the Rams lead 7-0 in their SoFi Stadium debut. The Cowboys have second-and-9 from the LA 19 and sit in 11 personnel with Dak Prescott in shotgun and Ezekiel Elliott hanging out to his right.

The Rams send four pass rushers and without any downfield options that he likes, Prescott throws it one yard behind the line of scrimmage, finding Elliott in the flat and it becomes immediately obvious that he’ll pick up a first down.

But now consider that THIS turned into a touchdown:

Elliott runs through Micah Kiser, John Johnson, Jordan Fuller, Kenny Young and then Troy Hill in order to score a touchdown. Odd to think anyone would say he didn’t matter.

This is the only passing touchdown that the Rams have allowed at home this season.

Week 1 - Ezekiel Elliott, up the middle, 1 yard

Half of all touchdowns allowed at home by the Rams this season came in the same quarter, to the same player. On the previous play, Prescott scrambled for 12 yards and the refs ruled it a touchdown. On further review, he was down at the 1.

Two plays later, Elliott successfully finished the drive with a touchdown.

Week 10 - Alex Collins off left, 13 yards

The Rams are hosting the Seahawks and lead 3-0 midway through the first quarter. Seattle comes out in 12 personnel and then sends a house of blockers to the left side of the field, including both tight ends.

The blocking is good, Collins is fast enough to sprint through it, and Taylor Rapp misses an opportunity to tackle him at the 10. That’s the play.

Week 12 - Raheem Mostert off left, 8 yards

The 49ers are in 12 personnel and like the Seahawks, they send both tight ends to the left and Mostert gets to the edge with relative ease for a player of his speed.

There ain’t much else to figure out.

The conclusion is that these are the only four touchdowns that the Rams have allowed over six games. The longest went for 19 yards and was the only passing play. Then you saw three rushing touchdowns, the longest of which went for 13 yards. And LA has allowed zero touchdowns at home in the second half.

They have two regular season games remaining at SoFi, one this Sunday against the Jets, then Week 17 against the Cardinals. New York has scored seven touchdowns over six away games so far this season.