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Random Ramsdom: Where do the Rams need to improve after the bye?

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Los Angeles Rams v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

I was on the radio last night in Palm Desert to talk some Rams football and the host made a point to ask me what the Rams need to do to find some semblance of consistency.

Right now, I think it’s a mixture of the offensive line play and quarterbacking that needs to find its’ groove. Goff got rocked far too often against the Dolphins and, at the same time, throwing it 61 times is not the way Sean McVay wants to win football games. The running game, despite averaging 4.5 yards per carry on Sunday, they’re still missing the type of back that can break the 20, 30, and 40-yard explosive runs to really jolt this unit forward.

An established run game becomes synergistic with the play-action game, which then makes Goff’s job easier. If the Rams are forced to make Goff a one-dimensional pocket passer for the majority of the game, they’ve severely slashed their chances at being a well-oiled machine on offense.

I may have jumbled that answer a bit, but I guess the short answer is that the whole of the offense needs to find that next step of gelling together. One unit feeds of the other and the requires a whole lot of trust and teamwork. Can McVay get what he needs from his guys? He’s done it before, so I want to believe it can happen again.

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