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Rams fans are confident as they prepare for Monday Night Football

A win over the Seahawks does wonders.

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Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

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The Los Angeles Rams used the bye week to the best of their advantage. After a highly disappointing Week 8 loss to the Miami Dolphins, the Rams took a week off, reset, and came back in Week 10 with an impressive victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

The fans liked that. I’m guess you can attest to that. And if you can, maybe consider sharing your voice on the matter by signing up for SB Nation Reacts.

According to the latest Reacts survey, 94% of Rams fans said they are confident that the team is moving in the right direction. That’s all the way up from 74% during the bye week, and 50% after the loss to Miami.

The lesson, as always: Wins are good. LA should try more of them.

However, getting more of them won’t be easy, as the Rams game this week is a Monday Night Football contest against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And it’s a game that NFL fans expect the Rams to lose, according to a Reacts survey.

It is, however, the third most exciting game of the week according to those same fans.

This week will be yet another matchup between the Rams defense and a dominant starting quarterback. It will be a change of pace to face the 43 year old Brady though, after having faced youngsters Josh Allen and Tua Tagovailoa earlier in the year.

NFL fans are high on those two, but of the young quarterbacks in the league, fans are highest on Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals — a quarterback the Rams still have to face twice this year. Should be fun.

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