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Motion at snap: Rams are 2nd, Buccaneers are 32nd

That “eye candy” is alive and well

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay is known for putting his players in motion early and often. And often early. And early often.

Tom Brady is not known for being in motion. Ever. There’s a rumor that Brady didn’t move to Tampa Bay; they brought the it to him.

ESPN data analysis expert Seth Walder posted the pre-snap motion percentages for all 32 teams and as expected the Los Angeles Rams were high up on the list at 28%. Only the Baltimore Ravens put a man in motion prior to the snap at a higher rate, doing so 36.6% of the time. That’s significantly more than the Rams — and about three times as often as the team in 12th place — but these two teams won’t face each other unless it happens in February.

No, LA will be heading to Tom Brady’s house Tampa Bay on Monday night to face the Buccaneers, an offense that runs pre-snap motion 2.9% of the time. That is the lowest rate in the NFL, a full point behind 31st-ranked Atlanta.

The other teams that the Rams have faced rank:

The only teams to run pre-snap motion at a similar rate to the Bucs are the Cowboys and Dolphins, though both of those teams have experienced midseason changes at quarterback and I’m not sure how the breakdown changes, if at all, depending on QB.

The Rams will continue to do it a lot though. The Bucs will continue not to.