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SB Nation Reacts: Rams fan confidence takes a dip after win over Giants

Not “win” enough for some

New York Giants v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Defense wins championships and beat the Giants on Sunday, but as they say, “Former Lakers announcing legend Chick Hearn digs the long ball.”

The Rams defense held a team’s offense out of the end zone for the first time since last Week 14 against the Seahawks and LA improved to 3-1, but maybe the Giants moved to Dangerfield, New Jersey because they get no respect. Perhaps for that reason a few SB Nation Reacts voters switched their votes from “Confidence” to “No Confidence” after Week 5’s win.

The Rams fell behind 28-3 to the Bills in Week 3 and remained at 100-percent confidence after that loss thanks to nearly coming back and getting the victory against a team clearly in the chase for the AFC’s number one seed. Beating an 0-4 Giants team was not nearly as satisfying for some.

What is SB Nation Reacts? You might remember it as FanPulse and now it has a new name. That’s it. FanPulse takes “plugged in” fans of the team who really feel they know what they’re talking about when it comes to the Rams and who want to have their vote heard. We could always use more plugged in Rams voters, so sign up here.

A convincing win over Washington in Week 5 should get the Rams back up to 100-percent but as we’ve seen, not all wins are created equal.