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NFL trade deadline: Rams aren’t only team in NFC West that probably can’t make a move

The NFL’s toughest division may not have the ability to get any tougher

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trading deadline is at 1 p.m. PT on Nov. 3, which is next Tuesday.

New England Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore even apparently had his home listed on the market this week with offers on the home due by ... 2 p.m. PT next Tuesday.

But the Los Angeles Rams can’t trade for Gilmore and a year after dealing two first round picks for an even better cornerback, they don’t need to. The Rams should be fine with Jalen Ramsey, Troy Hill and Darious Williams. And even if they did want Gilmore or another impact starter to add to the fold, doing so will be difficult.

Because of that move for Ramsey and other transactions.

Los Angeles is without its first and fourth round picks next year and they are currently 22nd in effective 2020 cap space according to OvertheCap, which estimates $6.9 million in room for the rest of the season. Given prorated contracts and salaries that often don’t come close to cap hits, it is not impossible for the Rams to add a key player at this stage in the season. It is improbable though.

Thankfully it could also be difficult for the rest of the NFC West to get exceptionally better by next Tuesday.

The 5-1 Seattle Seahawks are 28th in effective cap space at $3.7 million and they are without their first and third round picks in 2021 because of the Jamal Adams trade. Seattle’s options for deals is even more limited than LA’s, but they did acquire defensive end Carlos Dunlap from the Bengals on Wednesday; Dunlap has 1.5 sacks in seven games and he should be eating the rest of their cap space.

The 4-3 San Francisco 49ers have won their last two games, including a victory against the Rams, but they traded their 2021 third round pick to Washington for Trent Williams and they are 31st in effective cap space at $2.9 million. Only the Atlanta Falcons have less cap space right now than the 49ers. (This doesn’t prevent a Matt Ryan to San Francisco trade however; Ryan’s base salary this season is only $1.05 million, making him cheap to acquire. ESPN reported that the Falcons don’t want to move him. )

The 5-2 Arizona Cardinals have the most flexibility, but that’s not saying much. The Cardinals dealt their fourth round pick in the DeAndre Hopkins trade and just this week they spent their sixth rounder on a deal to bring back pass rusher Markus Golden; that is one move, but Golden has only 1.5 sacks and two tackles for a loss in 175 snaps.

Arizona has essentially the same amount of cap space as the Rams do: $6.9 million.

What we do know — and it’s been evident throughout this article based on what little they have left — is that these four teams love to be involved in the carousel of moving parts around the league. Especially big name moving parts. The NFC West goes after the engine, not the sparkplugs. Golden qualifies as more of a sparkplug but the division has added players like Ramsey, Adams, Hopkins and Williams in the last year alone and these teams won’t stop making moves until they have to.

The NFC West isn’t completely hamstrung from a deal in the next week but they have fewer options than most divisions and that’s part of the reason this has been the toughest division.


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