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Rams fans are still confident ... but it’s waning

A loss to the Niners will do that.

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Los Angeles Rams v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

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Look, I think we can all be honest that the Los Angeles Rams Week 6 loss to the San Francisco 49ers was a bit of a buzzkill. The Rams were 4-1 entering the game, and even if all of those victories came against the NFL’s laughingstock division, that’s still a pretty record to look at.

And then they kind of wet the bed. And when your team wets the bed, it’s kind of nice to have somewhere to let off some steam. Like hey, how about signing up for SB Nation Reacts, so you can be part of the voice that conveys disappointment when the Rams are lackluster?

Like, for instance, this week. Heading into a Week 7 game against the Chicago Bears, 84% of Rams fans believe the team is headed in the right direction. That might seem like a nice number, until you realize that it was 97% a week ago.

But if you want some good news, NFL fans — not just Rams fans, but all NFL fans — picked the Rams as the likely team to win the game. The Monday Night Football showdown is also one of the most anticipated games of the week, with 10% of the fan vote.

So don’t despair. The Rams still have four wins, which is four more wins than the New York Jets, who fans selected as the worst team in modern NFL history.

Here’s to the Rams being more like the Rams, and less like the Jets. And vote in the Reacts surveys and have your voice heard each week. It’s fun, and you can sign up here.