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Jared Goff spike: A legendary moment in Rams’ history

Even a quarterback can laugh at himself for that one

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Washington Football Team
Jared Goff
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When we think of awesome touchdown spikes, we think of Gronk, right?

Rob Gronkowski spikes are classic.

Well, Jared Goff’s (attempted) spike on Sunday was nothing like that ...

Instead, it was classic for all the wrong reasons. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re welcome:

Poetry in motion.

OK, the big fella doesn’t always get into the end zone. He was excited.

Equipped with a good sense of humor, Goff laughed with his teammates on the field about it and made fun of himself after the game.

His teammates, though, can’t wait to see the Goff Spike again

Goff deserves a break. He had a great day as he led the Rams to a 30-10 win in Washington and to a 4-1 record. Goff threw for 309 yards in the victory.

This is the video Goff would probably prefer you most remember from Sunday’s trip to Washington.

Next up, the Rams head to Northern California to play the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday Night Football. Will we get do-over of the spike at Levi’s Stadium?