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Random Ramsdom, 1/30: Roger Goodell addresses possibility of opening 2020 at SoFi

FBN-SUPER BOWL-RAMS-VERMEIL-TEAM Photo credit should read JEFF HAYNES/AFP via Getty Images

It’s time for another Random Ramsdom, a daily Rams links post where the Rams. And sometimes about the NFL league-wide, including about the Super Bowl.

“Why do you post any links that aren’t about the Rams? Is it because you’re an a-hole who doesn’t belong here?”

I can’t deny being an a-hole, but I can confirm that I believe many readers here in the community may be interested in the league as a whole. Below you’ll see an article from FiveThirtyEight about instant replay. Seems interesting to me! It’s not something that only impacts one team, it should probably impact the Rams too. Of course, LA was involved in the most publicized non-instant replay moment in league history. That sort of thing.

Also, it’s Super Bowl week! Most people probably want to talk about the Super Bowl and whether you find it deplorable or fine, the San Francisco 49ers are also a team that the Rams play twice a year. So I do think that things about NFC West opponents are also important.

There’s also the matter of avoiding as much as possible a page that is simply three links from RamsWire and three links from Ramblin’ Fan. I mean, those pages exist, we don’t want to just be those pages. Consider that after the draft, things are also going to be pretty dry in the news cycle.

Anyways, if the folks want fewer links or one kind or more links of another kind, let me know in the comments. The post is meant for you, not for me. I’ve just always felt that more content and information is better than less, but you may have also noticed how my lack of brevity can be exhausting.

Onto the links.

Roger Goodell addresses idea of 2020 NFL season opening at SoFi Stadium - RamsWire

“From our standpoint, we look at not only celebrating the Super Bowl champion, but as you point out, we are going to be relaunching two teams in Los Angeles and one team in Las Vegas,” he said. “In addition, we’ll be celebrating our 100th birthday on September 17. So when we’re sitting down, which we’ve already begun, looking at the schedule for next year, our hope would be to create the biggest and best platform for all those events. They’re very significant to the future of the league. We’re thrilled to be back in Los Angeles with two teams and we’re thrilled to have a great new stadium, which is going set a benchmark for stadiums.”

Rams must decide on several marquee players entering free agency - ESPN

Making the decisions more complicated is the Rams’ limited space under the salary cap, which is projected to rise from $188.2 million to at least $200 million in 2020. With the projected increase, the Rams will have just more than $21 million available under the cap, according to ESPN’s Roster Management.

Daily Dose: Could SoFi Stadium host the 2020 NFL season-opener? -

During his state of the league address from Miami on Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked by Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times about possibly kicking off the 2020 regular season at SoFi Stadium. Goodell indicated he is open doing so.

49ers assistants recall legendary Kyle Shanahan tirade during 2018 game vs. Rams - SFGate

“I don’t want to make it seem like he’s this hothead, but he can run hot from time to time, and I think we balance each other out,” Lynch said. “Kyle and I have a good yin and yang. And so often times there’s a call or a text, ‘Can you come down and help out?’ Sometimes it’s just, ‘HELP.’ So I’ll walk down there. But the great thing with him is, he can rip you, but then the next day, it’s gone, it’s out. He says his piece and then it’s gone ... and it’s all in an effort to challenge you to be your best.”

Throwback Thursday: Rams won Super Bowl XXXIV 20 years ago today - RamsWire

As the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers gear up for Super Bowl LIV, Rams fans can reflect on the Lombardi Trophy their team captured two decades ago. On January 30, 2000, the St. Louis Rams beat the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV, their first and only championship.

LA Rams DT Aaron Donald double-teamed means double time - Ramblin’ Fan

The LA Rams have one of the best all time NFL defenders on the roster. He is defensive tackle Aaron Donald, and he is a wrecking ball when he faces off against offensive linemen. His 2019 performance resulted in much of the same annual award which Rams fans have come to expect.

‘This trophy belongs to our coach, our team and our fans in St. Louis.’ 20 years ago the Rams won their only Super Bowl - STLToday

Here’s a look back at our original coverage from the Rams 23-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans on Jan. 30, 2000, in Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta.

How about it, St. Louis?

Super Bowl champions. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Speaking for all of his fellow Rams, stylish corner Todd Lyght already was looking ahead to that Super Bowl championship ring.

”We want to go platinum,” Lyght said in the joyous Rams dressing room. “We don’t want to go white-gold. Don’t want to go yellow-gold. We want platinum, with double ‘ice’ on it.”

Hey, why not the best for the best?

Joseph Noteboom gives update on knee rehab, hasn’t started running - RamsWire

Joseph Noteboom was drafted two years ago to potentially be the heir to Andrew Whitworth’s throne at left tackle. That changing of the guard was delayed a year when Whitworth returned for another season in 2019, opening the door for Noteboom to take over at left guard.

Grading our 32 NFL preseason bold predictions: Hits, misses and regrets - ESPN

Bold prediction from September: Defensive tackle Aaron Donald will break Michael Strahan’s single-season record of 22.5 sacks.

If it weren’t for the fact that each opponent’s offense made it a mission to slow down Donald by any means, including double- and even triple-teams, he might have come much closer to the single-season sack record. Donald finished the 2018 season with 20.5 sacks, but this season had only 12.5 — which led the Rams and ranked seventh in the NFL. Donald was double-teamed on 65.6% of his pass rushes, according to ESPN’s pass rush win rate powered by NFL Next Gen Stats. — Lindsey Thiry

Super Bowl LIV Predictions: Picking the Winner, Score and MVP - SI


Chiefs 31, 49ers 24 | MVP: Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs

The Chiefs got off to slow starts in their first two playoff games but the counterpoint to that is they reminded us they can score in a flash. Perhaps the most important matchup of Super Bowl LIV is how Kansas City handles the San Francisco pass rush, who can mix and match different pieces for any situation. The 49ers will try to limit the Chiefs’ possessions with their dominant ground game, but it’s a tall task to keep Mahomes down for four quarters—he has the sole power to change the game.

Has The NFL’s Instant Replay Run Its Course? - 538

There’s a classic coachspeak phrase that gets trotted out when people blame losses on bad officiating: “You’ve got to take it out of the refs’ hands.” After an NFL season when replay-review changes intended to fix officiating mistakes seemed only to complicate matters, it may be time to take instant replay out of the refs’ hands, too.

NFL rumors: Patriots’ Tom Brady to Raiders sounds legit after QB’s big move in Nevada - NJ

Here’s the first Tom Brady rumor which might actually indicate what the 42-year-old quarterback is thinking about his future plans.

The Sports Hub 98.5 in Boston is reporting Brady has “bought real estate in Nevada.” Nevada, of course, is the home of Las Vegas, which is the new home of the Raiders.

And don’t forget, Brady was seen earlier this month talking to Raiders owner Mark Davis at UFC 246.