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UPDATE: Los Angeles Rams sign punter Johnny Hekker to one-year contract extension

What could the LA Rams be creating cap space for? We’ll find out.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

In what seems to be a very slow news day (not really), the Los Angeles Rams have restructured punter Johnny Hekker’s contract, creating $1.69m in cap space immediately:

According to Over The Cap, the Rams only had $1.9m in cap space prior to the move. The conversion of base salary to a bonus makes sense as the Rams now have enough cap space to complete the deals for QB Jared Goff and TE Tyler Higbee, but also a few dollars left over in case of emergency (injury). Teams generally like to have a few million laying around as they begin the season, and the Rams are now likely to have that luxury too.

There isn’t much risk in the Rams doing this as Hekker is VERY likely to remain on the roster for the remainder of his contract, meaning the dead cap hits down the line will hardly be a factor.


The Rams and Johnny Hekker have now agreed to a one-year contract extension: