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Turf Show Radio, S11E9: Hot dogs and football

Week 1 is here. Let us talk about it.

(Apple news readers will either need to head to the show page or just check us out on iTunes)

1:42 -

3:20 - The Los Angeles Rams paid QB Jared Goff a lot of money

8:35 - Joey drops the worst trailer ever

13:12 -

14:18 - Question. If you took half of TE Tyler Higbee’s contract and just attached it to Goff’s, would you feel fine about both?

16:45 - Our core is locked up for years to come. Goff, RB Todd Gurley, TE Tyler Higbee, WR Brandin Cooks and LS Jake McQuaide.

21:02 - Two ways to react to the Higbee extension.

Option A:

Option B:

21:30 - Ok. Week 1. Actual football.

22:27 - Rob-o is prepared to sleep on the couch.

26:11 - Who gets more snaps in Week 1: ILB Bryce Hager or S Taylor Rapp?

27:02 - Who gets more snaps: Hager, Rapp or NT Greg Gaines?

27:26- Who gets more snaps: S Eric Weddle or LB Clay Matthews?

27:45 - Hygz and Goff debate the best ‘90s fighting video game

28:42 - Is Gurley going to get more than 15 touches?

30:18 - Who could be among the 7-man inactives that might be a surprise?

35:37 - College football, Week 1 recap...and Rob-o speaks of poop thereafter

Easter egg - ARMOUR HOT DOGS!