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Random Ramsdom 9/6: Football is back, is Gurley Ready?

That and more on this edition of the Random Ramsdom

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

No Limitations for Todd Gurley on Sunday | Pro Football Talk

There been talk of the Rams taking it easy with Gurley to make sure he’s still in playing shape during late season and for a potential post-season push. I guess it doesn’t start on Sunday.

Will Todd Gurley be up to speed for Rams’ opener after sitting entire preseason? | Los Angeles Times

I’ve said it before, it’s no the first half of the season I’m worried about.

Rams’ Latest Contract Extension Goes to Tight End Tyler Higbee | OC Register

This came as a surprise to most Rams Fans, but it’s not completely unexpected.

Todd Gurley Isn’t a Rams Captain for the First Time Since His Rookie Year | Pro Football Talk

Gasp! I wouldn’t read too much into this.

Is Jared Goff a System Quarterback? | The Ringer

This is the Narrative that just won’t die. I’m not Goff’s biggest fan, but I do t think his skill is entirely a product of McVay’s system or McVay telling him what to do step by step. Everyone always makes a big deal if the communication up to the earpiece cut off, but by now, Goff likely sees a lot of what McVay is whispering into his ear, and he’s only going to develop that further as time goes on.

Clay Matthews Plans to Be a Headliner Again With the Rams | Los Angeles Times

One can only hope.

Rams have ‘ongoing dialogue’ with Littleton, Peters about contract extensions | Rams Wire

If the Rams have done anything it’s shown that the money comes to those who wait. If they find you a valuable asset to the team, you’ll get paid, and not a little. They also like to keep things on the DL.

Panthers Borrow From Patriots’ Super Bowl Game Plan vs. Rams | Fox Sports

This plan counts on two things. 1 - It assumes that McVay learned nothing from the Super Bowl. 2 - that the Panthers can execute like the Patriots can.