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The Los Angeles Rams fourthmost valuable franchise per Forbes

The Rams estimated value of $3.8b represents a 19% increase since last season.

Rams Rookies Tour New LA Stadium Construction Photo by Scott Varley/MediaNews Group/Daily Breeze via Getty Images

In the annual Forbes NFL team valuation rankings, the Los Angeles Rams once again were ranked fourth with an estimated value of $3.8b which represents a 19% increase since last season. They currently trail the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots, and New York Giants in value. The Giants were estimated to be worth $3.9b, so it seems conceivable that Rams could leapfrog them and maybe even the Patriots at $4.1b next season when they open their new stadium in Inglewood, California.

It’s a jump up from late July in Forbes’ international sports franchise rankings where the Rams were valued at $3.2b.

This ranking represents continuous league-wide growth, as well as a massive bump following the teams return to Los Angeles in 2016. In 2015, the Rams final season in St Louis, the team was ranked 28th in the league with an estimated value of $1.45b.

The increase has not been without cost for owner Stan Kroenke who is funding his new canopied stadium/amphitheater/megalopolis in Inglewood. The stadium is estimated to cost roughly $4b with help coming from funding mechanisms such as Personal Seat Licenses and naming rights. Of course, Kroenke will be generating far more than just football money the venue which is expected to host everything from Final Fours to international soccer matches and will be surrounded by an entertainment district. Also, by next year the Rams should be valued at more than the $4b dollar price tag of the stadium and surrounding property.

Here’s what Forbes had to say:

The Rams had a great year on the gridiron, winning 13 regular season games in 2018, the most in the NFL. The Rams made it to the Super Bowl where they lost to the Patriots 13-3. Off the field, the move to Los Angeles has gotten more expensive for team owner Stan Kroenke. The cost of the new stadium, set to open in 2020, could hit $4 billion, versus an initial expectation of less than $3 billion three years ago. In August, American Airlines agreed to pay $90 million to sponsor a plaza in front of the new stadium near. The 10-year deal has American Airlines branding the space formerly known as Champions Plaza. Naming rights for the stadium itself could fetch $20 million a year.