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Random Ramsdom 9/5: big money, big weekend

With Jared Goff’s contract in the rearview mirror, the LA Rams can now focus on playing some football against the Carolina Panthers.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

How the Rams rookies might contribute this season | LA Times

Gary Klein breaks down the rookie class and how they’re fit into the game plan this regular season. CB David Long, S Taylor Rapp, and RB Darrell Henderson... we got some potential here!

7 matchups to watch for week 1 Rams-Panthers | Panthers Wire

Always interesting to see how the good looks from the other side. This just in: DE Aaron Donald is a matchup nightmare.

Rams could have made an example of Goff but overpaid him | For the Win

The USA Today’s For the Win webpage said some not very nice things about the Los Angeles Rams, but that’s okay I guess. Not everyone knows the truth about how awesome QB Jared Goff is. Ugh, they even bring up the tired idea that he’s in a good system and he’s not worth the contract without the system. Live and learn, USA Today. Live and learn.

Goff is grateful negotiations stayed in-house | ESPN

QB Jared Goff discusses the process that went into his gigantic contract extension, what he’ll do with the money, and what he hopes his future will be like with the LA Rams.

For Rams, Goff’s big contract has larger meaning | OC Register

Man, once Goff signed his extension, the flood gates opened up on think pieces about Goff’s role in the organization. Is he the leader now? Has he already been the leader? It’s the latter.

If the Patriots can break the Super Bowl curse, maybe the Rams can too | LA Times

Did you know that the New England Patriots were the first team in NFL history to lose the Super Bowl and then win the next year? Can the Rams do the same?

Eric Weddle has an ice cream clause in his contract | LA Times

The Los Angeles Times is out of control with the LA Rams content — I love it. Not as much as S Eric Weddle loves ice cream, apparently.

Goff’s new contracts puts financial pressure on Rams | LA Times

Seriously, the LA Times needs to calm down. Maybe put on some slow Phil Collins, enjoy a cold beverage, call your parents... whatever works. But these articles are beginning to feel like a cry to help.

Goff and Rams reach long-term deal, affecting Dak’s negotiations | Blogging the Boys

The Dallas Cowboys will probably have to change their approach to signing their QB of the future, Dak Prescott, to a long-term deal since QB Jared Goff just set the QB market.

Sports report: Jared Goff is swimming in money | LA Times

Oh, look who it is! The %$#@ LA Times again.