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Timing of the contract extension for Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff is important

Lets break down the important factors of the timing.

Los Angeles Rams OTA’s Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Initially putting off talks for this offseason (or so the Los Angeles Rams and Executive Vice President of Football Operations/Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff say), the Rams just locked in (well, almost) quarterback Jared Goff to a reported four-year contract extension netting $32m/year with potentially the highest guarantees for a player ever.

The timing of the extension is important, though it is strange as the Rams just now finished the extension (though still a net positive as they finished prior to the season). The three quarterbacks who were “lumped” together by way of age/draft year are Goff, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz, and Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott.

Wentz was the first of the three to receive a contract extension, as the Eagles handed him a four-year $128m deal with $107.87m in total guarantees in June. It was thought that Prescott was next in line to receive an extension with the Rams “putting off” an extension for Goff until the end of the 2019/2020 season, though the two flipped with Goff receiving a contract extension tonight and Prescott still waiting.

The timing is definitely of significance as each quarterback will likely trump the prior in price tag. Whether that’s the average per year, total guarantees, or just the total amount itself, the Rams likely saved a few dollars by extending Goff prior to the Cowboys extending Prescott.

Another factor which works in the Rams’ favor is the idea of getting the extension done prior to Goff having a chance at another highly successful season. As it stands, Goff had all the right to big money as he’s made back-to-back pro bowls, put together two tremendous seasons (with steady improvement), and competed in a Super Bowl. The chances the Rams could have done something similar this year were very real, and the Rams were smart to avoid paying a higher price tag in six months by simply extending Goff now.

The Rams believe #16 is the guy for the current and the future, making the decision to extend him worthwhile.