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Random Ramsdom, 9/25: LA Rams look to head slap the first quarter

Stadium business, Cooper Kupp, and of course...Gurley’s usage!

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Los Angeles Rams Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp are quite fond of each other. I ESPN

Jared Goff and Cooper Kupp seem to be developing something special. Not only because both share consonant/vowel/consonant/consonant names that lend themselves to mash ups like Gupp, or Koff; but also because they are really good at playing catch in big moments. See what Lindsey Thiry of ESPN has to say about the blossoming relationship.

Rams defense shows sharp improvement the year after Ndamukong Suh | ESPN

The Los Angeles Rams’ defense faced the same question weekly, on repeat: When would the unit put together a complete performance, from the start of the game to the finish?

That was 2018.

Check out this Excellent SoFi Stadium footage I Youtube

This guy John Kay posts Youtube updates on SoFi Stadiums progress on a weekly basis. Check out the latest footage from Inglewood.

Rams ask Supreme Court to jump into dispute with St Louis I Bloomberg

The Rams are asking the Supreme Court to decide whether their ongoing dispute with St Louis should be settled by an arbitrator. The Rams are arguing that St Louis didn’t uphold their end of the deal that originally brought the Rams to St Louis because the Rams were not provided with a “Top Tier” stadium as decided by an arbitrator, and were justified to remedy the situation by relocating-language used in the contract. St Louis is arguing that the Rams didn’t follow relocation guidelines.

Week 3 power rankings! I USA Today

Here’s some power rankings. The Rams haven’t broken any scoreboards yet this season, but have been chugging along getting quality victories, two of which were on the road. Apparently pundits want to see the Rams knock the Buccaneers around the Coliseum before hopping back on the bandwagon.

Todd Gurley’s usage, words Vs actions I Rams Wire

Todd Gurley is not getting a ton of usage, but he is getting a fair share of snaps. McVay says the Rams aren’t limiting Gurley, but fortunately it is no longer the offseason, so we can actually watch what they do, and safely say that is the way it is.

NFL Shop pick of the week! HEADSLAP! I NFL Shop

NFL Shop pick of the week…check out this throwback Deacon Jones jersey! Nice to see stuff like this in the NFL Shop.