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Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns: Five Rams to watch

The Browns are looking at a problem that the Rams recently overcame. We should keep a close eye on the Rams that inspired hope through the dark years not too long ago.....

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns remind me a lot of our Los Angeles Rams of the not too distant past. The Browns have been a trendy pick to break out of mediocrity into playoff relevance the past two seasons and are thirsty for that breakthrough win that could help them shake the stigma of being those Browns.

As a reminder of where the 2019 Rams originated, let’s focus on players the Rams current core of players that epitomized the hope that we felt a few years ago as we suffered through the 7-9 bullshit.

Jared Goff

This one feels a bit cheap as he has only played in Los Angeles, but he was nonetheless part of the hope that we felt at the end of the Jeff Fisher era. The Rams gave up a lot to move up and select Goff #1 overall, but it’s hard to argue against it in hindsight.

Goff has been surrounded with outstanding talent and a coach that has guided him every step of the way. Sure, his consistency and accuracy leave something to be desired from time to tome. But without him, the Rams wouldn’t be where they are today.

On Sunday Goff will face a talented Browns defense, but I don’t think many of us are questioning his ability to lead the Rams offense anymore.

Todd Gurley

Who remembers this? Gurley was clearly as frustrated as all of us were during the 2016 NFL season.

Enter Sean McVay.

Roughly a year after the interview above, Gurley was the NFL’s Offensive Player of the Year and leading the Rams to an NFC West title.

Gurley may be in a pseudo-committee with Malcolm Brown, but he’s still as electric as ever with the ball in his hands.

Rob Havenstein

Big Hav’ has been an outstanding addition to the Rams OL. He may not be a focal point of the hope we felt in the past, but he has quietly established himself as one of the best right tackles in the NFL.

Aaron Donald

Donald was the center of hope for those Rams teams. As we watched other Fisher draft picks struggle, Donald only continued to excel.

If you’re not watching Donald wreak havoc on opposing offensive lineman, shame on you. You’re missing out on a hall of fame career as it develops in front of your eyes.

Greg Zuerlein/Johnny Hekker

Special teams used to be the focal point for fans. Seeing Hekker convert another fake punt or Fisher trot Legatron out for a 60+ field goal was our version of excitement during those dark years.

GZ and Hekker form one of the most formidable specialist duos in the NFL. We’ve begun to take them for granted and sometimes they don’t get the recognition they deserve.