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Turf Show Radio, S11E12: LA Rams 2-0 as referees do their jobs

3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk break down the action from Week 2 and honor American Hero Johnny Mundt.

(Apple news readers will either need to head to the show page or just check us out on iTunes)

1:12 - The NFL season forces you to reschedule your schedule. Not cool!

3:30 - “It’s just a jersey, bro.”

5:00 - Game recap

7:24 - Joey the Jerk is feeling better about Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff

10:22 -

15:40 -

22:48 - Injuries!

24:40 - Good Ol’ Johnny Mundt!

26:05 - The Jamil Demby conundrum?

31:55 -

37:45 - Are we done with kick returns? Are those over? And 4th downs...are we ready to do a football?

40:06 - Darrell Henderson Jr. is a third-round rookie. Where is he?

42:45 - ¡El Assico!

43:28 - “Sometimes God proves his existence, and we’re all just along for the ride.”

44:55 - Ourgrn Drcks QB Jrstn Hrbrt

Easter egg - Bagel bites. Apple pie. Get a job, see?!