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Los Angeles Rams Week 2 rookie report doling out near perfect grade for S Taylor Rapp

Rapp is acing all the tests brought his way through two weeks.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Los Angeles RamsWeek 2 game showed a tale of two sides. The offense was stymied for the entire first half, limited to six points by the New Orleans Saints. The defense did all it could to return the favor, keeping New Orleans at three at the half as well.

Then, a drubbing ensued. We know the ending.

Here are my rookie reports:

(Author’s note: Let me preface this by stating this: Week 2’s grades are full of INC incompletes and N/A not applicable. Its only fair. Some of the rookies were inactive. Others, the sample size too small)

Rookie Report

S Taylor Rapp

Taylor is a stud. Easy. Dude plays in 40 of 65 possible defensive snaps, dominates tight ends — limiting them to 25 yards on seven targets (only two catches). Rapp was also key in bottling up Alvin Kamara up for 45 yards. Bruh, that is insane. Like, you gotta be kidding me.

Rapp was continuously seen flying around making plays.

I reeeaaalllyyy likes this kid.

Grade: A

RB Darrell Henderson Jr.

Henderson did not appear to make an appearance in Week 2. I saw no mention of him on the game stat sheet, nor the snap counts list.

Grade: INC

CB David Long Jr.

David Long was another game day inactive casualty.

Grade: N/A

OT Bobby Evans

OG Bobby was also a casualty to the game day inactives list.

Grade: N/A

DT Greg Gaines

Big Greg Gaines made his way onto the field for a whooping three snaps. Congrats big fella. We making moves. Next week, 10 snaps.

Grade: INC

OT David Edwards

Big David did not hit the field on offense but did see special teams action on five plays.

Grade: INC

S Nick Scott

Nick continues to be a ST juggernaut. He handled 78-percent of the snaps on Coach Bones’ unit.

Grade: C+

LB Natrez Patrick

Natrez Patrick found his way on for two defensive snaps and 18 (67%) ST snaps. No unnecessary attention was brought his way. That is cool with me.

Grade: C

WR Nsimba Webster

Nsimba was, too, a victim of the game day inactives list.

Grade: N/A

LB Troy Reeder

Troy is making his living on special teams. He went in on 15 snaps (56%).

Grade: C