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Random Ramsdom, 9/12: Welcome wagon

The rivalry between the LA Rams and the New Orleans Saints is getting so hot that it’s taking over the narrative of this game. Get hyped!

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NFL: JAN 20 NFC Championship Game - Rams at Saints Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Rams’ CB — Botched PI call ‘not an L.A. problem’ | ESPN

The topic of the PI call from the NFC Championship game is brought up to every Los Angeles Rams player.... so leave it to CB Aqib Talib to basically tell the reporters New Orleans is angry about the call and not LA. This story is fun.

Rans and Saints cry foul about ‘ revenge game’ talk | OC Register

A great quote from this article: New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Peyton saying ‘it’s the NFL, not college.’ Peyton is as salty as they get.

4 things to know about the week 2 Rams-Saints matchup | Rams Wire

This is a good one. Did you know QB Jared Goff plays well against the Saints? It’s true!

Saints-Rams odds, pick, and best bets | USA Today

I mean this in no disrespect to the LA Rams, but I would not bet serious money on this game. Seriously, anything can happen between these two teams. Right now, as I type this, the Rams are 2.5 point favorites, so Vegas knows this game is gonna be a close one.

Goff on facing Brees + Saints: “Just try to go out there and execute” | Rams Official

Goff did his job and answered the questions about this new rivalry like a pro. These questions must get repetitive and boring. “Just try to go out there and execute.” What a corporate phrase and every QB says a version of it. An NFL quarterback like Goff can’t have fun and say interesting responses; it wouldn't be worth it.

Mayans M.C. stars will be part of the coin toss in Rams’ home opener | Showbiz Junkies

FX is pushing their biker gang show “Mayans M.C.” so much that it’s practically part of the Rams-Saints game! It’s actually a pretty solid show. Some good action with a “Sons of Anarchy” vibe pulsing through.