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Random Ramsdom 8/9: Fight for ... Napa?

Fights, Pre-Season Opener and more on this Random Ramsdom!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Oakland Raiders-Joint Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams and Raiders Literally Fight It Out During Practice Preceding Preseason Opener | Los Angeles Times

Practice against the Chargers was clean, not so lucky against the Raiders. We'll seeIf things get chippy on Saturday.

Sean McVay lays out plan for playing time in Rams' first preseason game| Rams Wire

It worked the last couple of years, I don’t see why change it up this year. Not playing the starters also give him more time to evaluate the Rooks and New pieces as well as gauge how much development 2nd and 3rd year players have made.

Saints Caution Louisiana Supreme Court Against Potential Impact of Spectator Lawsuits| Pro Football Talk

I mean, they aren’t wrong, if this goes through, every fan who feels y hey or their team has been wronged will go to court.

Fantasy Alert: Sean McVay Says Todd Gurley Hasn't Had Setbacks With Knee Injury | Bleacher Report

This isn't really new, the official line has always been that his knee is fine.

2018 Slot vs. Wide: Quarterbacks | Football Outsiders | Football Outsiders

An interesting article about the league wide trend of giving the ball to the slot receiver over the wide outs.

AP Source: Raiders OL Jackson Out 8 Weeks With Knee Injury | Fox Sports

Is it just me or does it feel like there's an unusually high number of campInjuries this year?

Marcus Peters on New Teammate Eric Weddle: 'He Thinks Like Wade' | Rams Wire

Hopefully he can pass along the secret to thinking like Wade.

Dante Fowler’s Monster Day at Joint Practice Shows Hype Is Real For 2019 | Ramblin’ Fan

Dante Fowler is probably one of the players I most excited to see. It'll fun to watch how he does after a full offseason program with the team.