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Random Ramsdom 8/8: Napa life

The LA Rams have been practicing with the Oakland Raiders in Napa.

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Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff addresses the media at a press conference, Aug. 7, 2019. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Goff had a great day against the Raiders | OC Register

QB Jared Goff played pretty great in Napa against the Raiders. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Preseason practice with the Raiders | NBC Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have been practicing with the Oakland Raiders in Napa, California. In case you haven’t seen the gross photos of his feet, WR Antonio Brown has been absent. However, the big story has been that the Rams have been playing great!

Opinion: Sean McVay has been pushing to avoid Super Bowl hangover | USA Today

This is a solid narrative to follow: how does Coach Sean McVay respond to his Super Bowl loss against the New England Patriots?

Notes and takeaways from the Rams-Raiders practice | Rams Wire

Is this the only Rams story in town? Possibly. Practice got a little chippy and QB Jared Goff killed it and this is a shocker... QB Blake Bortles did not.

The Chargers aren’t the only team in LA that rents | LA Times

Hey, Los Angeles Chargers fans, I get it... whatever puts you to bed at night.