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LA Rams transcripts, 8/7: Sean McVay, Jared Goff, and Todd Gurley

Rams and Raiders got it in today. Here’s what the head coach, QB and RB from the superior team had to say about it

NFL: Los Angelese Rams-Oakland Raiders-Joint Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay – Rams-Raiders Scrimmage Media Availability

(Opening Remarks)

“It was a good day today. Really similar format that we’ll follow tomorrow, but I thought it was really competitive for both sides. Two good teams being able to get some great work in. A lot of different situations and looking forward to looking at this tape and then coming back with a similar format tomorrow.”

(On how he would assess how QB Jared Goff played today)

“I thought he played really well. There’s always going to be some things that we can learn from. Especially in some of those periods where you’re not seeing a rush. Whether it be seven-on-seven, really it is just a seven-on-seven, but I thought in general, I thought he did a great job getting the guys in and out of the huddle, great command. I thought overall, it was a much sharper day just in terms of the communication, the urgency that is expected and really what the standards that those guys have set and Jared’s certainly the one leading the way.”

(On an off-schedule throw to TE Gerald Everett in the endzone)

“It was good. There was a lot of traffic in there. Had to be a perfect throw.”

(On if he is starting to see Goff working outside the program)

“We talk about it all the time - the ownership that we want and the extension of the coaching staff. He certainly has demonstrated that where he’s able to really command a lot where he’s kind of just taking it, running with it. He understands the intent, what we want to get done and then I think the natural off-schedule plays, those are just a guy being a great playmaker. Certainly, as coaches, you try to stay within the timing and rhythm, but it’s an imperfect game with 22 moving parts on every single snap. I think the guys that really separate themselves are the guys that have the ability to create outside the timing and rhythm of sometimes what it’s drawn up to do. I think that’s naturally happened. He’s been a guy that’s always done that. I thought he made a handful of plays last year and if the opportunity presents itself, whether it be creating with your legs, buying time, big eyes down the field. That’s a collaborative effort, but certainly Jared made some big time plays. First play of the team period, really when he found (WR) Robert (Woods), he got flushed from the pocket on a play-action. There’s a handful that felt like they were great plays by him and guys working off-schedule.”

(On if those plays feel good in a practice setting)

“Absolutely. This is a great chance to really get another look from a different defensive structure. Same thing for our defense, going against another offense. These are invaluable opportunities and a little bit more of a controlled setting, like you’ve heard us talk about. I thought it was good work for both sides. But, yeah, those are fun plays. It’s just good to get out here and see these guys compete and get some work in and something that we can all learn from.”

(On what his comment was to RB Todd Gurley II and if his pass protection is an underrated part of his game)

“Absolutely. It was great eye progression by him and then you talk about an outstanding job stepping up. It was when (Oakland S) Lamarcus (Joyner) came off, he had a handful of good pickups, but the one where we ended up hitting (WR Cooper) Kupp down the left sideline, just big-time recognition. I think those are the things that the people that are really studying day-in and day-out. You have such an appreciation for what Todd does without the ball. Certainly, he gets a lot of credit for the production with the ball, whether it be scoring touchdowns, rush yards or receiving yards. What I think really puts him in that upper echelon in that top-tier level is the ability to play without the ball. Those are things that might go unnoticed outside, but certainly don’t go unnoticed in our building. Guys appreciate that and I know his teammates do. That’s a huge point of emphasis and something we never take for granted.”

(On if Gurley will practice tomorrow)

“That’s a good question. I think we’ll probably keep with the same deal, every other day off. I would say more likely than not, I’ll find out exactly how he’s feeling, what that work load looks like, but the plan going in was to get today and then rest him tomorrow.”

(On what kind of presence Oakland S Lamarcus Joyner will bring to the Raiders locker room and what he’s going to bring as a playmaker in the secondary)

“He’s a playmaker in the secondary. I think when you talk about, ‘I see better than I hear.’ Watching the way that Lamarcus Joyner competes every single snap is what you love about him. He’s got a contagious enthusiasm and a juice with just the way he goes about his business. When you’ve got some of your top-tier players that you just say, ‘This is what it looks like. Watch (No.) 29. Watch Lamarcus Joyner playing the nickel spot at a high level.’ That can’t help but become the new standard. I’m a big fan of Lamarcus. He was instrumental in a lot of the success we had over the last couple years and I wish him nothing but the best. They’ve got a good one here in him.”

(On how he’s feeling about the schedule for Gurley)

“Todd is the only one that can appropriately answer that. He’s feeling good. He’s making steady progressions. It’s been a slow build, not necessarily a slow build, but it’s been a progressive build, if you will. It’s all still geared towards that opener against the Panthers, but he hasn’t had any sort of setbacks. He’s feeling great and that’s important. The biggest thing, too, is when you have Todd out here, the positive influence that he has on his team, on his teammates and really just kind of like what I was saying about Lamarcus. Todd has that same infectious personality and that contagious enthusiasm. The way he goes about snap-in and snap-out. It’s great to have Todd out here with us.”

(On what he’s looking forward to seeing at the preseason game coming up and what message he has to say to some of the younger players)

“I’s about let’s have another great practice tomorrow. We want to just stay in the moment, make sure we’re maximizing every single opportunity. We just finished our seventh practice that we’ve had of training camp where you’re doing some things full speed. We’re still really in the early stages, even though this has been the third practice we’ve had against another opponent. Tomorrow represents another chance to take a step in the right direction to accumulate some different things that we’re going against defensively and offensively and special teams. Once we get to the game, it is going to represent an opportunity for some of our younger players to compete, get a chance to do their thing. That’s why it’s good for us, outside of some of the scripted practice settings, to be able to get some of our younger players the developmental work that they need so that they can play to the best of they’re ability because it’s very important to those guys. We want to try to help them succeed on Saturday.”

(On his impressions of C Brian Allen)

“He’s doing really well. I think he and (QB) Jared (Goff), that rapport that exists between the quarterback and the center is so vital for the success of an offensive unit. Whether it be the cadence, whether it be some of the calls in the run game, the protections. I think those two have really showed a huge amount of growth together. We got some different looks and different than when you’re going into a normal game week, you’re not game planning, so a lot of the times you’re following normal base rules and you’re really just utilizing those tools. I thought today, with some of the blitz periods, some different things that we saw, I thought Brian and Jared both did an outstanding job with their communication and then all 11 (players) being on the same page.”

(On Oakland WR Antonio Brown not practicing and if he wishes he did)

“Of course. He’s a great player. Any time that you get a chance to practice against a great player, it can’t help but make you a better. Hopefully, he makes a quick recovery. He’s a special player and a guy I’ve always loved watching compete from afar. I hope he’s able to heal as quickly as possible. But yeah, I would’ve loved to have gotten some work against him and that’s a bummer for us.”

(On when he had conversations with Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden about the practice plan for today and what they both wanted to emphasize)

“Really, those started back a couple months ago when we knew that we were going to open with them in the first preseason game. We wanted to see if we could workout our schedules with them being here in Napa and us coming up here for a couple days. We’re world travelers this preseason. It’s been good so far. We’re going to get a chance to get another day of work, but it started as soon as the first preseason – whenever that preseason schedule came out and then we kind of put the final touches on it a couple days ago after we were able to evaluate where we both were about a week into camp.”

Jared Goff – Rams-Raiders Scrimmage Media Availability

(On if the offense looked sharp today)

“Today was a good day. We raised our intensity. The day after the slower day that you mentioned against the (Los Angeles) Chargers, we came out in the walk-thru and kind of sharpened some things up. Just raised the intensity and the standard a little bit and I think it showed today. All across the board I thought we were pretty good.”

(On if there is anything he feels more comfortable with during this training camp)

“Everything. It just continues to keep growing like I always talk about. I can’t specifically say anything in particular, but just me and (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) continue to get on the same page, I think it’s continuing to grow. And then, just my understanding of everything will always continue to grow with Sean as well.”

(On if the offense got a different look from the Oakland Raiders compared to the Chargers last week)

“Yeah, no doubt. I think they present a lot of different challenges. They’ve got a good pass rush, they did some good things in the back end. Again, it’s just another chance for us to get another look like you mentioned, and I thought it was a good day.”

(On if the practice with the Raiders was more physical than practices with the Chargers)


(On if more physicality is a good thing)

“Depends who you ask. I thought it was fine. It wasn’t anything egregious.”

(On if he expected the increased physicality from the Raiders)

“No. I don’t think there was anything to expect either way. I think it was a good practice.”

(On seeing former teammate and current Oakland S Lamarcus Joyner today and if he said hello)

“I did. I said hi to him real quick. I have so much respect for him. Great teammate, great dude, great player and it was fun competing against him.”

(On how WR Cooper Kupp looked today)

“He looks great. He’s coming along – I think like I mentioned a couple weeks ago – he’s continuing to knock that dust off, knock that rust off. I think today really showed that and he looked good.”

(On his connection with the tight ends)

“You always try to move the ball around. I think last year that was a point of emphasis toward the end of the year to balance ourselves out a little bit. Those guys can frickin’ play and we want to do our best to get them the ball just like everyone else.”

(On the excitement after his touchdown with TE Gerald Everett and if he feels good about moments like that in practice)

“No doubt. Especially an off-schedule play like that where it is just so much chemistry and so much trying to feel each other out. For us to make a play like that – we’ve been making plays for a couple years now but continuing to make more and hopefully do some this year.”

(On if he was holding his breath when Kupp got hit by two defenders)

“No. He’s good. I think he’s good. Ask him. I didn’t hold my breath, I don’t think he did, either. As long as he feels okay, I feel okay.”

(On if he can come away from incomplete passes feeling confident about the thought process behind the play)

“Yeah. Like I talked about before, there’s different situations where I want to try some different things out, and that (an incomplete pass to TE Tyler Higbee) was one of them. Tyler on some go balls has some matchups that we like. If I looked at the film, I may have changed my mind, but today I liked the decision. Just giving him a chance, continuing to try to give all our guys a chance and putting it out of the reach of the defender. You try to put it where only your guy can catch it and unfortunately we didn’t connect, but it’s part of the game.”

(On if he watched the Raiders on HBOs ‘Hard Knocks’ premiere last night)

“I saw bits and pieces, yeah. It was on Twitter and I saw some of the clips.”

(On if he thinks there are similarities between Rams Head Coach Sean McVay and Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden after seeing parts of ‘Hard Knocks’)

“Yeah, he (Coach McVay) obviously learned under him (Coach Gruden), so there’s a lot of different buzz words that they use. I think they’re different guys, different coaches and I never played for Jon (Gruden), I just spent that day with him (Jon Gruden’s 2016 QB Camp). I think they’re similar and different.”

(On if he has advice for Raiders players after he appeared on ‘Hard Knocks’ in 2016)

“Don’t talk to anybody (laughs). Keep your mouth shut.”

(On the raised intensity during scrimmages with other teams compared to a regular practice)

“Whenever you can get in these joint practices against a good team and against good defenses, it’s always fun. I think their intensity was high, our intensity was high and we were ready to go today. It was fun. It was a fun day. I’ve said it before, these joint practices are fun and it gives us a chance to get a lot of work – a lot of good work against looks we don’t normally get. Today was just another one of those.”

(On if RB Todd Gurley II’s pass blocking ability is unsung)

“I try to sing about it. I try to talk about Todd (Gurley II) in that way a lot. How smart he is, his ability to pick up protections and it’s part of what makes him – in my opinion – the best back in the league. I think you look around the league, there aren’t many guys doing what he does with the ball. And then you pair that with is intelligence and what he can do on pass protection on third down. It’s hard to find and that makes him so special.”

Todd Gurley II – Rams-Raiders Scrimmage Media Availability

(On how today’s practice went)

“It was good. It was a good day.”

(On the reason the offense looked good today)

“I don’t know. I really didn’t watch the film, so I really can’t tell you too much.”

(On if there’s something about joint practices that he likes or if it’s just another practice)

“It’s just another day. It’s good to get out here and go against some other guys, see other defenses. Football is about reaction, so playing our rules, using our technique and, you know, going out there and trying to win your reps against the other man.”

(On if today’s message was to start quicker)

“No, we worry about ourselves. We worry about us, getting better every day, another day at practice, another team to go against and compete, and that’s it really.”

(On what his relationship is like with Raiders RB Josh Jacobs and if he’s tried to pick his brain)

“He’s a great running back, got a chance to watch him at ‘Bama’ (University of Alabama). You know, first-round pick with a lot of talent, so looking forward to watching him ball out with him this year. Haven’t really got a chance to talk to him too much, got a chance to talk to him just a little bit out here. He’ll be fine, man, just keep doing what he’s been doing, you know, that got him here. He’s got a good team around him.”

(On QB Jared Goff having ample time to throw the ball down the field and how much pride he takes in the offensive line’s protection)

“I mean that’s what we do. We follow our rules. B-Allen (C Brian Allen) does a great job of getting the calls out, him and Jared (Goff) and all six of us – or seven if (TE Tyler) Higbee is in protecting as well. We all get on the same page, play our rules, pick it up and then let the receivers and ‘JG’ (QB Jared Goff) do their thing.”

(On if Goff has evolved and what kind of improvements has he seen from year-to-year)

“Stats tell it all. There really (isn’t) much else to say. We went to the Super Bowl last year, we went to the playoffs, the year before we didn’t. So, what’s understood don’t have to be explained.”

(On if he thinks Goff is misunderstood on the outside regarding how good of a quarterback he really is)

“No, he’s the no. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. I think people know how really good he is.”

(On how he is feeling at this point in training camp with specific regard to the plan that the Rams have for him in comparison to how he’s felt in previous years at this point)

“I don’t know how I was feeling last year at this point. It’s just another day, another day to come out here and practice, compete, work on what you’ve got to work on, and don’t worry about nobody else. Alignment, assignment, technique, come out here and get your mental reps – whether its walk-thrus or even if you’re not in. So, I’m feeling good, just get ready for tomorrow.”

(On if he will practice tomorrow)

“Get ready for tomorrow (laughs).”