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The biggest surprises from the Los Angeles Rams’ initial 2019 53-man roster

Did your favorite player in the preseason make the LA Rams? Probably not, unless you’ve been stanning Nsimba Webster. So, what were the shockers from cut day?

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The front office for the Los Angeles Rams made a statement on Saturday with their 53-Man roster for the 2019 regular season: they were not a fan of their draft class last year. The only draft pick that played any significant role last season in his rookie year was DL John Franklin-Myers and well, let’s just get to the surprises, shall we?


DL John Franklin-Myers

This move was a shocker. However, maybe we should have known that something wasn’t safe about his roster spot because he actually played in the preseason. Even after a productive rookie season, there was still something that DL John Franklin-Myers wasn’t putting together for Wade Phillips and company.

Franklin-Myers had such a presence in the Super Bowl that fans of other teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals are jumping up and down to sign him (which rarely happens, but go off).

RB John Kelly

RB John Kelly had some moves, but his pass-protection was lacking. If you were reading the tea leaves, it was easy to see that he wasn’t picking up the offense enough to play a role once RB Todd Gurley II went down last season and RB C.J. Anderson was brought in. Still, Rams fans expected Kelly to be the fourth RB. Surprise!

LB Dakota Allen

Of all of the cuts, this one stung the most for fans who actually watched all of the preseason games in a hope of finding a replacement for injured ILB Micah Kiser. LB Dakota Allen was a 7th-round pick with some baggage and a reality show on his resume, but he also seemed to have an incredible amount of potential playing against the scrubs from the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. I really thought this guy was going to make the team and actually provide some help with the run defense.

WR Khadarel Hodge

This cut feels more like a move that is connected to the special teams unit and Coach John Fassel wanted someone else instead of Hodge in that spot.

DB Kevin Peterson

The defensive backs for the LA Rams are very deep and DB Kevin Peterson did his best to break through his two interceptions, but in the end it wasn’t enough.


WR Nsimba Webster

This feels like a John Fassel pick even though WR Nsimba Webster also showed that he has a knack for getting open on routes. I wouldn’t expect to see QB Jared Goff throwing spirals to him during the season (unless something terrible happens), but I could definitely see Webster taking some kickoff returns.

ILB Troy Reeder

ILB Troy Reeder is mostly known by Rams fans as the guy who got ejected in week 2 of the preseason for a dirty hit on Dallas Cowboys QB Cooper Rush. While Rams fans were salivating over LB Dakota Allen, it seems like Rams coaches were more impressed with Reeder during practices and meetings.

ILB Travin Howard

The 7th-round pick from TCU had a hell of a preseason and I’ve been rooting for this guy to make the team. What’s really the surprise here is that there are four inside linebackers on the roster right now. That’s pretty slim. Will Reeder and Travin Howard be playing a lot? Is LB Bryce Hager a starter? What’s going on?

So, we have ourselves a team that’s going to travel to Charlotte to play the Carolina Panthers.

One thing that won’t be a surprise? Any of these players affecting the outcome in Carolina. However, stranger things have happened.

Now bring on week 1!!!