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Los Angeles Rams roster bubble update: Final Cuts

Who’s at risk of missing the final 53 man roster?

Los Angeles Rams v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

This is the weekend that fringe NFL players dread. Nearly 1,200 players will have their dreams snuffed out, and while some have hope to succeed via practice squads this will be the end of the road for most of those players.

The Los Angeles Rams have already begun trimming their roster, but they have a lot of work to do before they get to 53. Who is in the most danger?

Jamil Demby

Demby has struggled mightily throughout the preseason, but luckily for him the Rams are desperate for depth along the offensive line. Especially after suspended OL Aaron Neary broke his ankle in preseason action. Ultimately I think he makes the roster.

Khadarel Hodge/Nsimba Webster

Both Hodge and Webster have played well throughout the preseason, but whereas the OL is in desperate need of help, the wide receiver position is on the opposite end of the spectrum. The Rams are absolutely loaded at WR, and I think both of these promising WRs are on the outside looking in tomorrow.

John Wolford

This isn’t much of a stretch. Unless the Rams decide to carry three QBs, Wolford will be waived.

Dakota Allen/Travin Howard

The Rams are in an interesting position at ILB. Micah Kiser is injured, Clay Matthews will rotate between OLB and ILB, and the Rams are left looking for depth behind Bryce Hager and Cory Littleton.

Allen and Howard both showed well for the majority of the preseason. Unfortunately for them, there is likely only one spot to be had.

Darious Williams/Kevin Peterson

Williams and Peterson are in a similar postion. While I think there is a small chance they both make the roster, that seems unlikely given the uncertainties at OL and ILB. Special Teams coordinator John Fassel will likely have a large say in which player stick around with the other likely headed for the practice squad.