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Los Angeles Rams frequently among ESPN’s Top 10 lists

Yeah, we’re good.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are atop another preseason power ranking list. What’s new?

A few NFL analysts over at ESPN ranked nearly everything in the 2019 NFL season in a bunch of top 10 lists – from the coaches, coordinators, down to the mascot and even the top 10 referees.

Unfortunately for the Rams fans, La Ramilia, Rampage did not make the cut for best mascot. They just do not know how cool that fury two-legged ram is. Oh well, their loss. We gotta be underrated in some aspect, right?

However, the Rams made the list where it counts. Head Coach Sean McVay came in at No. 5 among head coaches:

He’s the future. McVay is just a really brilliant football mind, and he’s showing that he can be a passionate quarterback developer.

McVay was also praised as the top “offensive coordinator“ in the entire NFL for his chain-moving, score-piling prowess:

McVay serves as both the head coach and OC in L.A. His last four offenses have finished top 12 in points scored (his last two finished top two), and his 2018 Rams unit ranked top five in both rushing and passing yards.

Grandpa Wade Phillips, not to be EVER outdone (don’t leave yo girl ‘round him, he’s a playa, just ask S Eric Weddle, forreal) came in at a hot No. 3 among all defenfive coordinators:

While the Rams’ defense wasn’t always perfect during the regular season, Phillips put on a clinic vs. Tom Brady in the Super Bowl that was under appreciated because of the outcome.

The team’s front office led by General Manager Les Snead ranked in just outside the top 5, coming in at numero 7.

The Rams’ esteemed blue & yellow throwback unis checked in eighth overall.

It is hard not to like these sort of rankings. One could argue the order of some of the rankings, but they are pretty on point with their recognition that, collectively, have the Rams as one of the best teams overall in the NFL.

All in all, not too shabby LA Rams. Not too shabby.