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Random Ramsdom 8/28: The preseason finale a mere speed bump as the Los Angeles Rams look toward a healthy Week 1

Most anyone who has locked in a role will be relaxing when the Rams and Houston Texans dance this Thursday.

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Inglewood Stadium starting to resemble rendering as it nears completion I Rams Wire

With the Rams final season at the Coliseum fast approaching, the new Inglewood Stadium is starting to feel pretty real. The roof is going up, the rebar foundation under the field is filling in, parking lots are being laid out, and even the adjacent amphitheater is coming along. This video is some of the best footage yet.

Sport Illustrated’s Andy Benoit feeling bullish about the Rams Sports Illustrated

Andy Benoit seems excited about the dimensions that rookie running back Darrell Henderson will provide Sean McVay’s updated offense. That’s one of the reasons Benoit is looking for the Rams’ recent success to extend through the 2019 season.

Joseph-Day will remain on the shelf with Rams elite in preseason closer I LA Times

He may not be happy about it, but Sebastian Joseph-Day has obviously elevated himself to the point where Sean McVay doesn’t want to risk his starting nose tackle’s health when the Rams wrap up their preseason this Thursday.

Mechete don’t text. Whitworth don’t tweet. I Rams Wire

Big Whit don’t Tweet, at least anymore. While Whitworth obviously didn’t suffer from old guy on social media syndrome, part of me feels quite happy that our head of security doesn’t care about likes or get outraged at hot takes anymore. Instagram though? That’s different.

Bill Barnwell explores what does and does not matter from the 2019 preseason I ABC

Bill Barnwell helps us juice the significance of the preseason teasers that we’ve been trying to watch over the last couple of weeks. The article is puts a somewhat enjoyable bow on the box of miscellaneous moments, better known as the NFL preseason.

Cam Newton appears to on a likely participant in Week 1 I ESPN

It sounds like Cam Newton should be ready to go for the Carolina Panthers opener against the Rams. It should be hoot!

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald doesnât report to Rams training camp David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/TNS via Getty Images