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Random Ramsdom, 8/27: Longest. Preseason. Ever.

Is it just me or has this preseason felt longer than the entire offseason?

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Allen the best option for Rams as No. 3 quarterback over Wolford | Ramblin’ Fan

Dan Parzych makes his case for Brandon Allen, a player our very own Joey “The Jerk” Aucoin compared to eating a bowl of “bland high fiber cereal,” to stick as the Rams’ third QB.

Which position groups will McVay’s attention be on in final preseason game? | Rams Official

Let’s see. NT. LB. WR. That should just about cover it, though I’m sure there are still question marks as far as number of DBs to carry and PR/KR as well.

Latest injuries show McVay has been right to rest starters in preseason | Ramblin’ Fan

3 preseason games. 2 Rams out for the season, and one for a significant stretch. It’s the right call, for sure, as the approach certainly didn’t hurt us last year, either.

Whitworth doesn’t think he’ll make Hall of Fame: ‘I’m not popular enough’ | Rams Wire

HOF LT or not, Andrew Whitworth has been a critical acquisition in helping to turn the Rams from bottom-feeder to contender.

Fists and drinks fly as fight breaks out in the stands of Rams-Broncos preseason game and a woman holding a baby eggs on brawlers | Daily Mail

There were a ton of links to this video, but this one had the best headline BY FAR. Because it kinda reads like a woman is holding baby eggs. Let’s face it, it’s pretty much clickbait. I did more damage in the pit at the last Slayer concert I went to.

McVay is changing the preseason by sitting players, and he’s fine with it | Yahoo Sports

More of the same regarding McVay’s unorthodox (and soon to be universally adopted) preseason strategy. Anybody else see a starter on another team take a shot and cringe? I think the preseason may just go the way of the buffalo someday.

Ravens offered Clay Matthews more money than Rams did | Rams Wire

It’s good to know the Rams’ Mane Man was in demand. If memory serves, Baltimore has had some pretty good defenses over the years. Benefits of being in LA: free agents like Eric Weddle and Matthews want to play for a title in a big market.

Here’s the play McVay regrets most in Super Bowl loss to Patriots | NBC Sports Boston

In the “why do I want to continue to relive this pain” episode of Black Mirror, here, go ahead, sleep on that bed of nails. Moving on.