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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay August 25 press conference

Here’s what coach had to say today.

Los Angeles Rams EDGE Josh Carraway brings down Dallas Cowboys RB Jordan Chunn, Aug. 17, 2019.
Los Angeles Rams EDGE Josh Carraway brings down Dallas Cowboys RB Jordan Chunn, Aug. 17, 2019.
Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On injury updates following Saturday’s preseason game against the Denver Broncos)

“Unfortunately for (LB) Josh Carraway, he tore his achilles. With (C) Aaron Neary, he ended up fracturing his ankle and he’s going to end up having to get surgery on that. It’s unfortunate news for those two guys. (T) Bobby Evans nicked up his knee a little bit, but I think it’s more going to be a bone bruise and he should be okay and other than that we came out of it clean.”

(On if seeing Carolina QB Cam Newton sustaining an injury in the preseason reinforces his philosophy toward playing starters in the preseason)

“I think you always want to try and keep your guys healthy. I think the biggest thing that we’ve said for us, is we just feel like that’s the best approach for our team. I don’t think anybody has the intention of guys getting injured and that’s unfortunate – you never want to see that. But, it’s part of the evaluation and part of some people’s philosophy on getting guys ready to go for the regular season. We feel confident and comfortable with the approach we’re taking and we understand that it might not be for everybody. But we feel like it’s worked best for us and that’s why we’ve gone in that direction, as you know.”

(On if a starting quarterback getting injured in the preseason is the worst case scenario)

“Absolutely. You never want to see you main guys that you’re counting on get injured, especially in games where it’s really just tune-ups for the regular season. Mostly, I think it is a necessary thing to evaluate certain players as we’ve seen. We’ve done that for a number of guys that we are counting on. Specifically with (QB) Jared (Goff) we just feel like that’s the best approach. Anytime you see great players like (Panthers QB) Cam (Newton) or anybody else get injured, you always hate that, that’s always the most unfortunate part of the game. Whether it’s our guys or somebody else, you never want to see that.”

(On if the starters and key reserves will travel to Houston for the preseason finale on Thursday)

“We will. The guys that will be out by injury or that we legitimately would leave back because of that, those guys wouldn’t travel as long as we have a legitimate reason to leave them back. We’ll take everybody else. It will be a small group of guys (who don’t travel to Houston), but it won’t be anything like what the Hawaii trip was. The majority of our team will be there.”

(On if there are any particular positions he’s looking to get clarity on in Thursday’s preseason finale)

“I think what you’re looking at, mainly, is I think we’re starting to get some clarity on a lot of the skill positions. We’ve talked a lot about the depth that we have at corner, which is going to be a good positive, difficult decision to make toward the latter half of some of those decisions. Then, just finding our depth on both lines – I think guys have started to establish themselves. Then, clearly, the inside linebacker position is something that we’ve got to figure out exactly how it shapes up. In a lot of ways it’s going to be predicated on how we envision those guys contributing for (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) ‘Bones’ and for (Assistant Special Teams Coach) Matt Daniels. I think it’s really the depth on both fronts, the inside linebacker position and the corner position are the ones that we’re really continuing to look at closely.”

(On if Pass Game Coordinator Shane Waldron will continue to call plays in the final game of the preseason)

“He will. I thought he did a nice job last night. I thought it was a really good rhythm. I thought that even though like what was said afterwards, didn’t get a whole lot of points, I thought there was a lot of production and a lot of good efficient offensive football last night. I think the players ultimately made the plays, but I think (Pass Game Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach) Shane (Waldron) did a really nice job and I think its been a really good experience for him. It’s something that we’ve talked about it before, was something that was really beneficial to me when I was in a similar role and he’s done great. I’m looking forward to getting back to it in Carolina and hopefully I’m not rusty”

(On if there is a chance McVay may be rusty)

“I don’t think so. I think we’ll be ready to go. We’ve created a lot of scenarios and situations where it’s not like it will be the first time or whether it be in practice settings, all those practices against other teams, there is a lot of unscripted work. There will be no excuses coming from me if I’m not ready to go.”

(On what the schedule is like this week in terms of work)

“What we’ll do is we’ll have a good practice and walk-thru tomorrow. We’ll have on Tuesday, we’ll have a similar deal, where we’ll kind of get some good-on-good work and in a lot of ways, very similar to last week’s scrimmage, but it won’t be totally the amount of volume. We’ll have really good work Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday we’ll walk-thru in the morning and then travel to Houston. We get back Thursday night into Friday morning. Basically, our players will be off on Friday and they’ll be off on Sunday. So, we’ll basically use Saturday and Monday as extra days of preparation. Our players will then be off next Tuesday and then Wednesday will represent the normal week schedule for us – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and day before. We’ll travel Friday to Carolina. So, it’ll be here before we know it. As I’m sitting there and making the schedules and getting into normal rhythm of a week where you’re really playing a game, it’s going to be here before we know it.”

(On if there are no established or projected starters that will play in Thursdays game)

“We’ll meet as a staff tomorrow and kind of finalize those kinds of things. Those guys that you are counting on in some sort of role, whether it be the (S) Taylor Rapps, the (S) Marqui Christians, the (DT) Sebastian Joseph-Days. Those guys, I would anticipate we would probably hold out and really get a chance to evaluate those positions that what we’re still trying to make some decisions on. With those guys that you know are going to be here in some form or fashion that get potentially have carved out a role for themselves, situationally or in certain packages I would think that we’ll probably hold them out, but until I get a chance to sit down and speak with our entire coaching staff, we haven’t made those final decisions yet.”