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Los Angeles Rams preseason week three: Stock up, stock down

KhaDarel Hodge continues to make plays week after week. Could the second-year UDFA make the Rams’ 53-man roster?

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The most important preseason game has come and gone. The “dress rehearsal” ended with a 10-6 win for the Los Angeles Rams over the Denver Broncos. Neither side actually used the game as a dress rehearsal as both teams benched all respective starters, though it was still an interesting contest as fringe roster players put forth their best performances with only one chance remaining at making their names known.

Let’s get into the stock report:

Stock Down

RB Darrell Henderson

Hendo has not been impressive this preseason, with that trend continuing on Saturday night as he racked up 11 rushes for only 28 yards (2.5 yards per carry). Sure, the backup offensive line haven’t given him a ton of room to operate, though John Kelly has looked a lot more productive and created way more yardage in the same circumstances. Hendo has shown off some strong hands as a receiver, though much more is desired as a running back. There was a play in particular where a defensive tackle was the only defender to penetrate the offensive line, and Hendo ran right into his arms instead of eluding him.

QB Brandon Allen

Allen didn’t play horribly last night, though a handful of wide open receivers were overthrown (majority of them still brought the passes in). Allen couldn’t remain accurate at all, though he did have one or two decent passes with some zip. All in all, Allen hasn’t shown nearly enough this preseason to secure himself a 53-man roster spot.

ILB Troy Reeder

Reeder looks a step slow to all his reads. He hasn’t distinguished himself from the other inside linebackers, even with Ketner Kupp right on his tail.

Stock Up

QB John Wolford

Wolford looked calm, composed, and under control the entire game, as per usual. Wolford finished 6/12 for 64 yards and one touchdown, with another eight rushing yards to boot. Wolford had an overthrow or two in the game, though he’d repeatedly bounce back with a perfect pass. Wolford showed his football IQ on a time-killing drive where he faked a handoff, rolled out into the flat on a QB keeper, and slid in the field of play to keep the clock running.

Wide Receivers

Mike Thomas (3-76-0), KhaDarel Hodge (3-54-0), and Nsimba Webster (4-47-0) all showed out on Saturday night. The trio combined had only one target go uncaught. Thomas started the festivities with a long 50-yard catch down the right sideline. Hodge is simply a playmaker, with his highlight coming on a 10-yard catch that turned into a broken tackle and a lot of extra yards gained after the catch. Webster continues to dominate the short-to-intermediate parts of the field with his ability to feel open spots in soft zones.

CB Kevin Peterson

Another game, another interception for Peterson. The interception came off a deflected pass from Dakota Allen, though Peterson is always in the right place at the right time. The ball somehow always finds its way into Peterson’s hands.

ILB Dakota Allen

Allen was active once again, and as mentioned right above, was the sole reason for the interception as he nearly reeled it in, instead falling into the hands of Kevin Peterson. Allen had a rep in particular that was highly impressive as he knifed through the A-gap on a running play and secured a four-yard tackle-for-loss against a running back.

ILB Travin Howard

Howard was an absolute missile in this contest as he registered eight solo tackles. On one drive in particular, Howard made what seemed like three straight tackles, one of which was a beautiful legal “boomstick”. Don’t count Howard out of the inside linebacker picture yet as he’s continually made plays this preseason.