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Football Outsiders finds QB Jared Goff grades well in seven of 13 most common routes

The most important stat is wins, but these are pretty impressive, too

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

System quarterback or not, it’s hard to ignore just how good of a quarterback Jared Goff has become.

In fact, going into his fourth year as the Rams’ starter, Goff has become one of the top quarterbacks when it comes to common routes.

Football Outsiders looked at the most common routes during the 2018 season from a quarterbacks’ perspective and graded guys on DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement) and DVOA (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average), two categories that you can read more about here. Goff received a top five grade in seven of the 13 routes laid out by Football Outsiders.

The routes Goff graded well in were the Corner (4), Post (1), Drag (2), Screen (4), Dig (1), Slant (3), Out (4)

The routes Goff didn’t perform so well were the Fade (17), Flat (25), Broken Play (15), Go/Fly (20), Deep Cross (16), Curl (13)

For reference, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck and Tom Brady graded in the top five three times. While Goff’s performance is great from a analytical standpoint, the most important category he’s graded poorly in is Super Bowl games.

Maybe that will change this year.