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Random Ramsdom 8/22: locking up the roster

Who are the roster locks at WR for the LA Rams? Who is on the fringe? Read on, Ramily.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Handicapping the Rams WR competition | Rams Wire

Cameron DaSilva has delivered a gem of a Los Angeles Rams news story: the fringe wide receivers. I’m a WR Mike Thomas guy, but it’s hard to root against WR JoJo Natson and WR KhaDarel Hodge. And you know that there are so many other talented guys that are fighting for the job.

Goff is not worried about losing preseason snaps | LA Times

QB Jared Goff is still pretty young, yet he’s handling everything like a stone cold vet. Goff is going to watch the week 3 preseason game against the Denver Broncos in a suite with WR Cooper Kupp. Will TE Tyler Higbee be attending as well? #bros

Rams expect a lot better in OL Demby | Rams Wire

Did OL Jamil Demby thrive at center in the past preseason game vs. the Dallas Cowboys? No. No he did not. But cheer up, Demby fans: the man has not given up and nor should you in your Jamil Demby fandom.

New starters on Rams offensive line hope to make some noise | Daily Bulletin

C Brian Allen, #55, is ready to get some attention as a starter for the LA Rams, as is OL Joe Noteboom. Bring it.

Hulu releases new sellouts ad starring LA Rams running back | Cord Cutters News

Cat dude and RB, Todd Gurley II, is starring in the newest commercial with his cat. You have been warned.