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TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay, RB Todd Gurley August 20 press conference

Here’s what coach & JTG had to say today.

Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay talks to EB Todd Gurley during pregame warmups before the Rams’ Week 3 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Sep. 23, 2018.
Los Angeles Rams Head Coach Sean McVay talks to EB Todd Gurley during pregame warmups before the Rams’ Week 3 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, Sep. 23, 2018.
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Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay

(On if there is a timeline for LB Micah Kiser)

“There’s no timetable on that. It was a pretty significant injury, though. So he’s going to be out for a while.”

(On if he expects to have Kiser back later in the season)

“It’s hard to say right now. I think a lot of that is predicated on exactly how he’s recovering from all that. But, it is a significant injury and as far as that timetable, it’s going to be a while. To say a specific timeline, I can’t say that right now.”

(On if they will be watching cuts to see if there are veteran LBs to bring in)

“I wouldn’t say bringing in a veteran. I would say that whether it be any position on our team. We have a lot of confidence in (LB) Bryce (Hager) and some of these younger players. To say that we’re going to go outside to look for an answer right now wouldn’t be accurate. But we’re always going to be in the position of – whether it be when it gets to cut downs or guys become available – if we feel like it’s something that can upgrade our roster and create a competitive situation, not exclusive to that linebacker spot but really any spot, those are the things that (General Manager) Les (Snead) and his group and our coaching staff are always looking at.”

(On if Kiser’s injury will change how he approaches the final two preseason games)

“It won’t. We’ve really thought long and hard about what we think is the best approach for our team and I think you have got to always try and avoid some of these things that do occur. But, this is a game that entails a lot of physical things that can occur whether it be at a practice, during some of the games. Part of it is we do utilize these as evaluation tools, especially for guys that have a chance to be situational starters and that’s where (LB) Micah (Kiser) was putting himself in a position to be. You hate it for him, because he’s worked so hard and he’s done such a great job. But I don’t think you can let it change the approach when we’ve tried to be so intentional about that already. I’m not going to let one situation affect the way we go about it as we move forward.”

(On if the LB position is open and if LB Natrez Patrick will compete for that role)

“The biggest thing is at our MIKE linebacker position, depending upon our different personnel groupings in base, Micah and Bryce were competing for that spot and they both are guys that have done a really nice job. That was one of the reasons why they were both playing – we’re continuing to evaluate that. Unfortunately, in Micah’s case, he ends up getting injured, but Bryce had a lot of production the other day. We’ve all seen when Bryce has gotten his opportunities, he’s shown that he’s deserving of being out on the field and been a really productive player for us, which is why we wanted to re-sign him in free agency. That’s not going to affect (LB) Natrez Patrick at all. He’s done a great job outside, I think he’s really taken advantage of his opportunities as a result of some guys getting banged up. Really, outside of our top-three linebackers and that’s where he’s continued to show and he’s going to stay there.”

(On if there were any players who would not participate in practice on Tuesday)

“(OLB Trevon Young) ‘T-Young’ is still dealing with an ankle injury. I’m trying to think off the top of my head. Nobody that ended up getting banged up. (WR) Alex Bachman’s a guy – he’s been dealing with kind of something in his groin, potentially hernia area. Or could potentially be a hernia in that kind of upper to lower abdomen area. He’s a guy that’s going to probably miss practice. (CB) Aqib (Talib), we’re still being smart with him – with his hamstring. But, we’re fairly healthy and feel really good about that.”

(On if he’s excited about a week without any travel)

“I think it will be good, really, in the next couple of weeks where you’re not having to travel. That’s always a good thing to try and get some normalcy and to try to get into what would be equivalent to a weekly rhythm. I think guys have handled it really well. I think it worked out in our favor being able to keep some of those guys back that weren’t participating in that game (in Hawaii) so you don’t truly get thrown off your rhythm like you would had they have traveled. I think we’re in a really good spot. We got a good workout with those guys the other day, we’re going to have really three good practices this week and then, hopefully, continue to evaluate a lot of our players that are still shaping and trying to carve out roles for themselves on our 53 (man roster) and 46 (man gameday roster) over the next couple preseason games.”

(On if he took into account leaving the starters behind for the Hawaii trip and it potentially dividing the team culturally)

“I don’t think we look at it that way. I think we’ve always communicated really clear with our players where there is a clear understanding of why these guys are not participating in these games. I think there is a reality of sometimes we are going to be very clear, open and honest about the guys that have shown that they’ve played in this league or they’re established themselves as clear-cut starters, it kind of ends up being what that approach is. It doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to compete. But, if they’re not going to participate in that game, we felt like, hey, if we are going to do everything that is in the players best interest, we’ve got a connected team and if these guys are going to travel six hours there six hours back, be on their feet for an additional four hours when they can really have a chance to stay back and stay on a more normal rhythm. Especially when you come from the east, traveling west, back east. That’s where you end up really learning about some of the things in terms of your internal clock and all those different things. Your circadian rhythm all that kind of stuff that I never had a clue about before, but you start to get educated and you realize how important that is. I think as long as we’re able to articulate to the players why, there is an understanding. If anything, it was a great opportunity for the guys that did go to connect and be amongst one another. But, I certainly feel like we got a good connection on this team with the 90 guys we have here.”

(On OL Jamil Demby playing various positions and if he expects it to be the case the next two games)

“I think it stresses those guys. I think you see it, it ends up being difficult but I think over the long haul this isn’t just to see how they perform this one game. This is to try to develop an understanding from a big-picture standpoint, that enables you to have some versatility whether it be playing both guard spots, that center. The more that you can do, especially when you’re trying to fight to make a name and find a role for yourself, the better you have a chance of being on the 53 (man roster) and having yourself potentially active on game day. I think coach (Run Game Coordinator) coach (Aaron) Kromer does a great job of being able to develop these guys. (OL) Jamil (Demby) is another guy that I think we expect a lot better from him than that, especially when he is playing that center spot. Those are things that we know by design stress those guys and that is kind of the approach.”

(On how S Nick Scott is doing on special teams)

“Yeah he’s doing a great job for ‘Bones’ (Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel) whether it’s being a ‘pp’ (personal protector) whether it’s playing gunner he can really line up in a bunch of different spots in all the major four-phases (of special teams). That was part of the reason why we liked him so much out of Penn State. That was in a lot of ways, ‘Bones’ and (Assistant Special Teams Coach) Matt Daniels kind of identified him as a big-time contributor. Really similar when you look at the difference that a (WR Matthew) Slater made for New England and that’s kind of what you hope the role is. I think he’s done a pretty good job as a safety as well. As we continue to figure out which direction we’re going, there is going to be a lot of tough decisions that have to be made, and certainly that is going to be something that comes up.”

(On If G Chandler Brewer and is he showing the coaching staff his ability to play)

“I think he did a good job. I think you just see the production that you’re looking for. In a lot of instances – are you getting done with whatever your role and responsibility is on that given play? Are you covering your man up in protection, are you able to switch things off, are you understanding the communication that’s required in the run game, some of the combinations? I thought (G) Chandler (Brewer) has a steady presence about himself and did a good job of really just being a solid productive player the other night. I think he’s really shown well at that guard spot for sure.”

Rams RB Todd Gurley

(On if he is the owner of the cat in his Instagram posts)

“No, it’s not my cat. It is, but it’s not. It said, ‘Cat Ad’. I’m pretty sure I said that in the first video, so, common sense.”

(On what he did while the team traveled to Hawaii)

“Nothing much. Just chilled out the house, relaxed. Had to come up here one day, but other than that, just relaxed.”

(On if he felt rested and benefitted from not making the trip to Hawaii)

“Yeah. Sat at the house for two days straight. Can’t get better than that.”

(On if the cat post on Instagram was just for a sponsorship)


(On if wants to get his own cat one day)

“I’ve got plenty of life to live. I don’t have any responsibilities, I can get a cat whenever I want.”

(On if this week of no travel allows him to prepare how he wants to prepare)

“Yeah. It helps out a lot. We were able to break camp a little early. (In) camp, no one really has a routine because it’s football every day. Was able to get back in a normal routine quicker than usual. Usually it’s like the end of August, but we were able to have a short camp at (University of California) Irvine, then we went up to Oakland. (Senior Director, Sports Medicine and Performance) Reggie (Scott) and them, they’ve been doing a great job of just having a lot of recovery stuff for us. That’s always been good.”

(On how the offensive line is coming together)

“Everyone is doing good. The biggest thing will probably be (C Brian Allen) ‘B-Allen’ -- he has to make all the calls and take over (former C John Sullivan) ‘Sully’s’ spot. He’s been doing a great job. He was with us last year learning a lot, and then, obviously, being in there every rep, he’s only going to keep getting better. They’re all sticking together. (OL Austin) Blythe does a good job of communicating, (T) Rob (Havenstein), (OL Joe) Noteboom – getting Noteboom to talk just a little bit more. He’s a quiet guy, then (T Andrew Whitworth) ‘Whit’ is ‘Whit.’”

(On if Allen takes on the communication role for someone else)

“Yeah, Brian took over the spot so obviously took over the ‘Sully’. ‘Sully’ did a great job with teaching us a lot of stuff and we are familiar with the system. We learn new stuff here and there but at the end of the day we know our rules, it’s just about doing our job, making the calls, seeing the right tracks, being good with your eyes. Whatever it is, whoever position it is, we just making sure we do our job.”

(On If he feels physically feels if it takes two to three weeks that he can play without a preseason)

“It is preseason, you’re hitting every day, in college. Something I have to think about. Couldn’t give you an answer right off that bat.”

(On if his workload changes from week to week with the veterans not really playing during the preseason)

“It’s just different. It depends on the situation. Obviously, they left last week for Hawaii on a Thursday. We were still able to get some work in but not work like the previous week so, It just depends on the days we travel. That’s Ideally the plan. Just keep building up. As you get closer to the season as a player, you keep pushing yourself more and more and just try to get ready for the season, honestly.”

(On if what he thought about RB Darrell Henderson Jr.’s performance during last game)

“He did good, man. Right off the bat got him a real route, made those guys look silly, had a couple good runs, did a good job with his eyes on the pass-pro game and stuff like that. But, it was good just to see him out there.”