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LA Rams transcripts: Sean McVay and Aaron Donald talk Hawaii

AD99 is headed to Hawaii. Jared Goff and Todd Gurley are going to stay back and play with his new cat.

NFL: Pro Bowl-Photo Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Sean McVay

(Opening Remarks)

“Good day today. We’re headed to Hawaii and there’s been a lot of great stuff going on. People from our organization that have really done a lot of work to make this trip happen, to make this game happen that’s a really good reflection and representation of our club. There is going to be a handful of players that we are going to hold back. (Director of Communications) Artis (Twyman) will have those for you guys after this. If you have any questions about specific players, a couple guys will go. The main thing is, our consideration as always what we feel like is in the best interest of the players. For the most part, the guys that will not be participating in that game, to have them make that travel, things of that nature, is in the best interest of those guys. There’s a handful of guys that we’re still continuing to evaluate. This is a big, important game for those guys and that’s why we’re approaching it the way we are.”

(On DT Aaron Donald mentioning he’s going to Hawaii and if QB Jared Goff will also be going)

“(DT) Aaron (Donald) is going. He (QB Jared Goff) will not be. Anybody else we’ll have Artis be able to clarify for you.”

(On where he feels the starters are at this point of training camp)

“I think you feel good. It’s always a tough dynamic. The fortunate thing for us is that we’ve had four great days of practice against another opponent and then we’ve really been able to ramp it up this week. We’re getting a lot of good-on-good work, our guys are positively pushing each other and getting some different things where because it’s happened so early in camp where we had four practices and then that fifth was the practice against the (Los Angeles) Chargers, the monotony of going against one another never truly set in. There’s still a great back-and-forth competitive balance. We’ve got smart players that love the game and just listening to whether it be Jared and (S Eric) Weddle talk and our receivers with the DBs, the O-line and D-line, there’s a lot of good things that are going on with guys that love football, that are positively – in a very competitive way – making each other better. I think the challenge for us is with the way that we’re approaching the preseason, with a lot of the players that we know have played significant amount of snaps in this league, how do we continue to maintain and keep our edge over the next couple weeks so that we truly do peak when we get to Carolina.”

(On what is happening at the defensive tackle position with DT Sebastian Joseph-Day, DT Greg Gaines and DT Tanzel Smart)

“I think it’s really sorting itself out. That’s something that we’re closely monitoring and evaluating. I think (Defensive Line) Coach (Eric) Henderson and (Assistant Defensive Line) Coach (Thad) Bogardus are doing a really nice job with that group as a whole. But those three in particular, I think (DT) Sebastian (Joseph-Day) has been a really big-time bright spot for us going back to the offseason. He’s picked up where he left off in training camp. (DT) Greg Gaines continues to gain confidence and understanding of what we’re trying to get done, playing more and more comfortable within the framework of the system. (DT) Tanzel Smart is one of those guys that can play the nose (tackle position), he can play the three technique. His versatility, his dependability is extremely valuable to us. Those are three guys that have definitely made a name for themselves and we’re closely looking at to see what kind of role they shape and carve out for themselves come regular season.”

(On mentioning CB David Long Jr. as a potential sixth cornerback spot and what is influencing that decision)

“I think he is just getting better and better. He was a great man coverage corner at Michigan where there was a lot of emphasis on just kind of matching up. You can see he has great short-space quicks, lateral agility all those types of things. He’s getting more and more comfortable. Really conscientious, smart football player he’s got good ball skills. I think he’s just getting more comfortable within the framework of the scheme. Really, we don’t have a finite number in terms of the number of corners. Really, we are just trying to find the best 53-players that we can. We do have some good depth at that cornerback spot with some veteran players and then, some younger guys that have done a lot of good things and (CB) David (Long Jr.) is certainly one of those players that is ascending.”

(On If there is a message to the guys staying back on getting work done while they are here and If the team will practice on Sunday)

“Yes, we will. They have a plan that they are going to follow. They will come in and get something in on Friday, which is tomorrow. Those guys will have a plan were they will come in. We have some people staying back. Whether they are injured or whether they are going to get some work in, we do have a specific plan. Because we get back on Sunday, those guys not having, kind of the jet lag of the six-hours there, six-hours back, standing on their feet things like that. That will enable us to do somethings with that group on Sunday that we wouldn’t be able to do or otherwise.”

(On if RB Justin Davis will play this game)

“Yes, he’s supposed to play.”

(On what he hopes to see from RB Justin Davis)

“The same things that we really liked about him. I think he is an explosive player. I think you want to just see him compete consistently, whatever phase of the offense he is asked to do. I think you want to see him show what makes him a unique player – that explosiveness, the ability to create with the ball in his hands, take great care of it. I think when he’s got his opportunities, especially in some of these preseason games, you can help but say, man you feel that speed, he flashes on the screen. That’s what we are hoping to see from (RB) Justin (Davis) with his opportunities he gets on Saturday.”

DT Aaron Donald

(On if he’s especially happy today)

“I’m always happy.”

(On if he’s making the trip to Hawaii)


(On if he’s been to Hawaii before)


(On if it was for vacation or for the Pro Bowl)

“Vacation, Pro Bowl. Yep, I’ve been there before.”

(On his impressions of Hawaii after visiting)

“It’s beautiful out there. It’s a good time.”

(On if he’s going to Hawaii because he wants to be there)

“I’m just going to go out there to support the guys, got some stuff going on out there. Just be there, help the young guys and, at the same time, some business out there.”

(On how he feels at this point of training camp)

“I feel good.”

(On if he’s in football shape)

“For sure. I just feel like you’re knocking the rust off as far as working moves and things coming clean. It just feels good to get things going, get everything rolling. I think we had two great practices yesterday and on Tuesday. We’re just working, getting some good reps and getting ready for football.”

(On how DT Sebastian Joseph-Day performed against Oakland)

“I think he played good. I think the whole d-line played good, actually. There were some hiccups here and there, but overall I thought they were working their techniques, doing what they needed to do in the run game and even started getting a little better as far as the game went on as far as pass rush and then opening up things. Watching them on the sideline and then watching them as a group on film, I thought they did pretty good. You’re always going to say there’s room for improvement, but overall I thought they played solid.”

(On if there is any secret on how he gets his videos of his footwork to go viral and how does he get his feet going so fast)

“Dwayne Brown ‘Two-Tenths’, my trainer I’ve been working with since high school. I’ve just been training with that guy and working a lot of foot work, training like a ‘DB” (defensive back) over the past years just help me work on my feet, the speed of my feet, athleticism, I give that to my trainer Dwayne.”

(On if he has a reaction when he plays his viral workout videos)

“To me it was nothing special, just working, just going over the beds. You made it go viral (laughs).”

(On if the coaching staff talked to him when they were thinking about hiring Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson and how does it sit with him)

“When coach (Head Coach) (Sean) McVay talked to him, hired him, he reached out to me and told me about him. He pretty much told me I’m going to like him a lot. He said, his mind is toward football, his techniques is drills he’s going to be teaching us. At the time you’re like ok. Actually being here and working with him, getting to talk to him about football, learning his mindset toward things and the technique he’s teaching us, he’s definitely going to take our game to another level. I’m excited to work with him. Being out there working curtaining things that I need to work on for myself. Learning from him, and him teaching me is just going to take my game to that next level. I’m just excited to be here and work with him now. Like I said, watching film and stuff he’s been teaching me has been showing, and it’s just going to make me that much of a better football player.”

(On if he can see stuff showing up hiring Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson has taught him)

“Absolutely, one-hundred percent.”