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Jon Gruden talks about Sean McVay’s entry into the NFL

“They called me the piss boy”

Long before taking the job as the Oakland Raiders head coach, and before his broadcasting career, Jon Gruden coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And it was while in Tampa that he helped then 22 year old Sean McVay get a start to his NFL career. A decade later, McVay is now coaching the Los Angeles Rams and the two faced off last weekend in preseason Week 1.

HBO released a short clip from tonight’s episode (2) of Hard Knocks. In the episode Gruden reflects back on McVay’s joining the Bucs:

Sean McVay came my last year as the head coach in Tampa. He wanted to get in the NFL, so we made him a secretary really -- just to get him in the building. McVay started like I started. They called me the piss boy, in the Mel Brooks’ movie. You know, they’d call for the guy to come running over there with the bucket. Next thing I know it, he’s helping coach the wide receivers and he’s coming up with ideas for game plans.

Full clip: