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NFL-wide headlines, Preseason Week 2

What’s going on with Oakland Raiders superstar WR Antonio Brown? Any other breaking news? Find out below.

Cincinnati Bengals v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Well, as it turns out, Oakland Raiders WR Antonio Brown will NOT be allowed to wear his old helmet as it didn’t pass the approved list of helmets from the NFL. Does that mean he’ll retire as he threatened last week?

No, no he will not. The superstar receiver is apparently now looking forward to rejoining his teammates. Hopefully this weird saga is over, because none of it makes sense anymore.

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has reportedly turned down a contract that averaged $30m per year and is instead seeking $40m per year. Now, obviously there is a hint of hyperbole and negotiation tactics in there, but the fact that Dak’s camp felt comfortable turning down $30m per is surprising. The two sides will likely settle somewhere in that $33-34m range, if at all.

Obviously Los Angeles Rams fans would be wise to keep their eyes on the negotiation between the Cowboys and Dak, simply because QB Jared Goff is next in line for a lucrative contract extension.

Cleveland Browns’ backup defensive end Chad Thomas suffered a scary injury at practice, though some good news was released shortly after as he regained feeling in his extremities. Hopefully Thomas is okay!

Wide receiver Rishard Matthews retired today after seven successful seasons in the NFL. Matthews spent time with the Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, and most recently the New Orleans Saints. He totaled 230 receptions for 3,160 yards and 21 touchdowns in his career.

Insert Snoop Dogg who gif here

The Washington Redskins have seemingly done nothing right as of recently, though the early returns on former Ohio State Buckeyes WR Terry McLaurin are largely positive. The route running extraordinaire has impressed the coaching staff and is likely to play a big role for the offense come September.