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Where would the Los Angeles Rams play if they had a Field of Dreams game?

There are plenty of spots that could house a game that honors the past and pays tribute to a dumb movie.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Field of Dreams is a movie about Iowa farmer who accidentally builds his baseball field on top of an old baseball burial ground. Instead of destroying the field, the guy from Water World decides to force the ghosts into playing the world’s most boring sport so he can make money off their slave labor.

That’s the gist of what I can remember, anyway. All I really remember is Gabby Hoffman fell of the bleachers and almost choked to death. And the guy from Dances With Wolves plays catch with his dad or something. I don’t really remember because, like A Christmas Story, the Field of Dreams is romanticized by sportswriters and nerds because praising mediocrity is apparently a personality.


The MLB is following the trend of capitalizing off nostalgia and will have a baseball game played in the Field of Dreams, which is a pretty cool idea. The MLB was long overdue for one. Remember pitch clocks?

That got me thinking about where the Rams would play if the NFL went the Field of Dreams route? What if the Rams were allowed to play on hallowed ground; where would said ground even be?

Let’s discuss!

The TWA Dome

Not the Edward Jones Dome. Despite it being the exact same building, the Edward Jones Dome era is old, dark, and filled with ever-changing shades of green turf.

The TWA Dome era is the sweet spot. The light green astro turf. The classic jerseys. The presence of fog for some reason. Dick Vermeil’s sweet, comforting voice breaking during a mid-cry press conference.

Despite the dome’s current existence as storage space and a convention hangout for nerds, a nice dusting and the planting of fresh rubber turf could turn this place into the glorious gem it once was.

A winery

The Rams are a California team now and wine is basically the state’s version of corn. But California’s product is actually better because 1) it’s alcohol and 2) it’s not corn.

As fans sit on patios and coat their upper lips in a red dye, they can watch the Rams defeat their opponents in a pit of dirt and vines. After a touchdown catch, Robert Woods can jump into a pile of boring couples who think wasting an entire Saturday on a winery tour is fun.

Rams Park

Earth City, often referred to as “Little Reno” by the locals.

The cramped fields, the sandbox, the weird smell coming from buried nuclear waste. It all brings forth memories and a possible third eyeball growing in the back of my head.

Rams Park is where you could sit on the grassy hills and down Bud Light until you get tired and “rest your eyes for a bit” while you get eviscerated by the sun.


Back where it all began, baby. The Rams put Cleveland on the map (probably). Sure, the Browns are there now and have a team that might not suck this year, so the appeal to locals might be minimal.

But the appeal of playing in Cleveland, Ohio’s second-best known city behind luxurious Toledo, is too good to pass up.

Let me know where you would want the Rams to play a Field of Dreams game in the comments below. There’s a good chance I will read them now because one of my goals this month was to read more while I am on the can.