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Sean McVay, Eric Weddle, and Todd Gurley talk about today’s Rams-Chargers scrimmage

Los Angeles Rams’ transcripts following practice on Thursday, August 1

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay – Rams-Chargers Scrimmage Media Availability - 08.01.2019

(On if he was pleased with what he saw in practice today)

“Well, I think, it was two good teams going at it. A lot of respect for one another and I thought we were able to get a lot out of the day. A lot of different situations that we hit, kind of trying to bounce around a little bit. Can’t wait to go back and look at this film. Anytime that you get a chance to practice against an excellent football team, really in all three phases, it’s really good for us. It kind of was at a perfect time, (we) have had four days of practice and install and then this represented our fifth day. Then, we’ll come back on Saturday at UC, Irvine and get another good day of work in with these guys.”

(On what he saw from RB Todd Gurley II)

“I thought he looked really good. Good command, even just his energy when he’s talking to his teammates. He’s got a natural enthusiasm about him that you can’t help but just get excited and he just brings up the level of everybody around him. Looked like he did a really nice job. I thought (QB) Jared (Goff) had great command and, again, a lot of good things for us to be able to learn from because there are some great players on that (Chargers) defense, great players on their offense as well.”

(On where he feels RB Malcolm Brown and RB Darrell Henderson Jr. are at)

“I think they’ve done a really nice job. (Running Backs Coach) Skip Peete – outstanding coach. Really does a good job of really creating ownership in that room and a big picture understanding. (RB) Malcolm (Brown) really picked up where he left off. He’s really comfortable with what we’re doing. (RB) Darrell (Henderson Jr.) is continuing to get more comfortable. He’s got great talent, but I think being able to learn from Todd and from Malcolm and from Skip, those guys will help him continue to grow and progress. But when you get into some of these settings where it’s unscripted, you can start to see it goes a little faster than when sometimes the plays are predetermined in practice. It’ll be a great learning opportunity for Darrell.”

(On if he held back on how much WR Cooper Kupp would be involved today)

“We did. We really wanted to see what was the tempo like before we kind of put him out here. I think, given the way that the Chargers were so professional about how they practice -- and I like to think it was the same for our guys -- I think you can expect to see him get some work on Saturday when we revisit these guys.”

(On the development of the offensive line)

“They’ve done a great job. Really when you look at (T) Andrew Whitworth and (T) Rob Havenstein, two big-time tackles in this league. And then (C) Austin Blythe’s played really good football. It’s going to be a great chance for us to continue to evaluate (T) Joseph Noteboom and (C) Brian Allen, but I thought overall, going against a front of that caliber, I thought that they did a nice job today. When you see those players and the way that they stir the front and give some different movements, it’s outstanding work. But I think they’re continuing to progress at a nice rate.”

Eric Weddle – Rams-Chargers Scrimmage Media Availability – 08.01.2019

(On how he would describe the joint practice today from a team standpoint)

“It was great. Great work against an outstanding team. Gave us different looks, one of the best quarterbacks in the league. It was fun, fun competition. Good vs. good. There wasn’t any cheap shots or anything you have to worry about. It was two great teams, great coaches, run their teams the right way and we got great work out of it.”

(On what he didn’t like)

“Nothing. I could do this everyday. I love competing, love proving yourself, showing yourself and getting ready for the regular season. It was incredible work for us.”

(On going against Chargers QB Philip Rivers)

“We didn’t get much action from him today, it’s all right though.”

(On Rivers coming his way)

“Nah, it was fun. It was, you know I love and have the utmost respect for him and all the players that I used to play with. It was fun to get out there on the practice field and compete and it makes each other better. We got better today, that’s the main point and main goal out of this.”

(On talking with Rivers and what they talk about)

“A little of everything. Talking about the previous plays, talking about what I saw, did we sack him, did we not, did he complete it? What he saw, you know, those are the conversations you miss and it’s helped me become the player I am today of what we went through for nine years.”

(On how helpful joint practices are)

“It’s great. It breaks up the monotony of camp. It makes you play true and honest. You get used to going against your own guys. You can anticipate certain things, certain route combinations, certain plays. You get out here and we treat this like a game. Coach puts the emphasis of going all out. We try to do 100 percent on every play, but especially right now, because a lot of us won’t play in the preseason, so we treat this like a game atmosphere. You know when you make the play and you know when you don’t and your teammates know that too, so we take this very serious. We want to be a great defense and a great team and it starts, obviously the four days before this and then coming out here and going against the Chargers.”

(On getting along and connecting with a new team)

“Yeah, honestly that stuff comes natural. I work extremely hard with not just what I bring on the field, but off. The personalities, gaining that trust and the guys know and understand that I have their backs. When I tell them something or I learn something that they trust me that I have their backs and that’s the biggest thing. The guys know that if I tell them to do something and it doesn’t go well, I’m going to tell the coach that it was on me. When you have that trust and you have that accountability, everything runs smooth. I just go out there and be me. I know what I bring, I know I practice hard, I know I out work everyone, so I let all that stuff put it to work. Less talking, more playing is what you need to do.”

Todd Gurley II – Rams-Chargers Scrimmage Media Availability – 08.01.2019

(On if it was fun practicing against the Chargers)

“Oh, yeah it was fun, man. You know, you kind of hate these practices when the schedule comes out, but once you get to them it’s fairly easy going, good work against another team. So, it was a good day. We had a great day. I’m pretty sure our defense did great, offense did real well, had the receivers come out there. (WR) Mike Thomas and (WR) JoJo (Natson), they had a day, they had a great day and you know, they were able to get out there and get some work in.”

(On if he is feeling fresh because of his training camp schedule)

“Yeah, I mean, we all felt fresh today. We had yesterday off and were able to come in and run around a little bit.”

(On if he feels like he always does during this time of the year)

“Yeah, football is football. I’m out here practicing, basically.

(On if his knee is doing okay)

“I’m out here practicing.

(On going to Wembley Stadium this offseason)

“It was fun, man. It’s just one of those things that kind of timed up with my schedule and it was like, you know why not go experience that? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Got to see some world-class athletes and, you know, it was a good experience for me.”

(On going to London)

“I been there a couple of times though, so you know, did the typical stuff. Hit a couple of pubs, eat at Nando’s, go shopping.”