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2019 Los Angeles Rams training camp: August 1 practice recap

The Rams got in some quality work today at the Chargers’ place.

The Los Angeles Rams got in a joint practice with the Los Angeles Chargers today. It was a great opportunity to make sure guys were going 100% while switching up some of the skill sets players were used to seeing across from them and different systems/line cadences. And with no fights or dustups, it meant things stayed focused on the field.


Only one of note.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay said WR Brandin Cooks had a bit of hamstring tightness so his day was cut short.

They did have a couple notable absences though:

We’ll see if McVay expands on their absences.


Interesting note there as Bobby Evans played left tackle at Oklahoma while David Edwards lined up at right tackle at Wisconsin. Clear example of Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach/Co-Offensive Coordinator Aaron Kromer cross-training guys.


The Rams are back at it tomorrow with a regular training camp practice tomorrow. On Saturday, the Chargers come to our camp at UC Irvine for a joint practice. We close the weekend on Sunday with a regular training camp practice.

Then we head north. Wednesday and Thursday are joint practices with the Oakland Raiders at their training camp hub in Napa, California, ahead of the preseason opener against the Raiders.