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2019 Los Angeles Rams training camp August 1 practice live updates thread

Let’s get together.

Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald stares down Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers, Sep. 23, 2018.
Los Angeles Rams DL Aaron Donald stares down Los Angeles Chargers QB Philip Rivers, Sep. 23, 2018.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

August 1

Practice begins at 10:00am PT

2019 training camp previews

Time to switch it up.

After four home practices to open training camp, the Los Angeles Rams are headed to the Los Angeles Chargers’ training camp home base at the Jack R. Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa.

It’s also involving a time switch.

Our first four practices looked to line up with late kickoffs by getting going at 4pm PT; today, we’re getting it in early with a 10am PT practice starting time.

Rams Head Coach Sean McVay talked about the approach for today back on Tuesday:

(On the communication with the Chargers in terms of the plan for their two practices and staying healthy)

“I think you want to be clear with what the expectations are and really we’ll go thud. We’re not going to go to the ground. There’s no tackling, we’re staying off the quarterback so very similar to what you see out here. I think you get two teams who have mutual respect for one another and we’re hoping to get some good work. I think our guys know that we’re going there to get work in and it’s about that. To be able to do it against a really high-caliber team is really good for us and we have to make sure we don’t waste opportunities to get better and really the two days will represent an awesome chance for us to do that.”

(On practices with the Chargers potentially getting too physical and if he’ll mention it to his team)

“I think it’s a little bit of both. I think our guys do know it but you can’t communicate it enough and I think there’s full confidence that both (Chargers Head) Coach (Anthony) Lynn, myself, our coaching staffs on each side and, really, the players, know what we want to be able to get out of it and we’re hopeful that there won’t be any issues like that.


We’ve gotten through the first four clean. Here’s hoping that gets sustained.


Good opportunity for the young offensive linemen in OL Joseph Noteboom and C Brian Allen to get tested in a real way.

The larger value in a joint practice given where the Rams are roster-wise is just working through the depth. The coaching staff now has 30 days until they have to cut this 90-man roster to a 53-man roster.


How much shit are CB Aqib Talib and CB Marcus Peters talkin today? The answer is more than none.

Eager to see if we get any notes on the performance from the front seven depth charts.

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