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Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald 99 overall in Madden 20

Was there ever any doubt?

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the release date nearing, EA Sports’ Madden 20 are releasing their exclusive “99-overall player” club, and Los Angeles Rams DT Aaron Donald made the cut.

Here’s what Madden 20 had to say about his overall skill-set, as well as some of his special abilities in the game:

99 strength - Best in Madden 20
99 Power Moves - Best in Madden 20
98 Pursuit - Best in Madden 20
97 Block Shedding - Second-best in Madden 20
96 Finesse Moves - Second-best in Madden 20

With the combination of Donald’s 99 OVR and his suite of Superstar X-Factor abilities, you can imagine how much of a dominant force he will be in Madden NFL 20. When his Fearmonger Zone ability is activated, he will be able to apply pressure on opposing QBs even while engaged with blockers.

Nothing here comes as a surprise because of how good Donald really is, though it’s nice to see him rewarded in Madden 20. Of course, there isn’t a big change as Donald was also rated 99 in Madden 19, and deservedly so. Donald is one of the few forces currently able to wreck an offensive gameplan on his own, making his dominance in the game that much more realistic.

In case you missed it, Madden also released their league-wide rookie rankings, with RB Darrell Henderson coming in as the top rookie at 72 overall for the Rams. Surprisingly, the Madden team revamped their ratings system as the draft order doesn’t seem to factor much into the rookie overalls.

See you on the field, or on the sticks as they say.